Is the kids’ table a thing of Thanksgivings past?

kids'table, family having crazy dinner

Thanksgiving is only a short time off, and that means many of you are planning your meals, shopping for food, and inviting your families. What about the kids? Are you having a kids’ table this year, or will the munchkins be sitting among the grown-ups? When I was growing up, which was decades ago, the [ keep reading ]

Home school help: Does pride keep you from asking?

home school help, woman under blanket

I’m coming out of the starting gate of this post with some tough love. You can’t do it all. If you’re Googling phrases such as “home school help,” then, the first thing you’ll want to remember is that you can’t do it all. False perceptions, misguided information and the deadly sin of pride might make [ keep reading ]

Did Science Just Discover Why We Hiccup?

There are so many fascinating, unanswered questions about the human body. Researchers may have finally found one of the answers. Scientists now have a solid theory about hiccups. They seem to have no discernible purpose and are often embarrassing for those who experience them. The good news is that science may have just discovered why [ keep reading ]

Gorgeous (and Easy) Christmas Wine Bottles

We’ve got less than two months to Christmas! Does that make you want to reach for a glass of wine? By all means, please do so (responsibly)! And when you’re done with that wine bottle, I’ve got a super-easy craft for you that won’t cost you a lot of money and looks really elegant. Invite [ keep reading ]

Kanye West: Friend or foe of Jesus Christ?

Kanye West, crowd with hands raised

There are a few topics that tend to incite debate, and Christianity is definitely one of them. Even within the Christian community itself, you might find numerous interpretations and belief systems regarding the general tenets and truths of believers. When a person accepts Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World, other people, especially fellow [ keep reading ]

How to help toddlers improve brain health

help toddlers, dad reading to toddler

Ample evidence suggests increased screen time has potentially adverse effects on human health. (I’d add that it also has potentially negative effects on human relationships.) Today, we’re focusing on how to help toddlers improve the health of their little, magnificent, wonderful brains. Yes, I’m going to tell you to cut back (if not eliminate) their [ keep reading ]

Ticks: Are you sleeping with them?

ticks, grass

Do you let your dog or cat lie on your bed, perhaps even sleeping with you all night? Cuddling with ‘fur babies’ is a popular trend among pet owners. Some say they’d rather snuggle up to their pups than their snoring spouses. (Seems like there’s definitely another post begging to be written there.) This post, [ keep reading ]

Running for My Life: Memorable Moment Captured on Video

Race finish

Nothing I’ve experienced is as fulfilling and gratifying as being a dad. It’s my most favorite thing about life. Parenthood is a privilege and a true blessing. I think most would agree that being a parent is equal parts amazing and terrifying. It’s not something that can accurately be described. It’s one of those things [ keep reading ]

If a rat can drive a car, why can’t we?

drive a car, dog sitting in yellow car

Scientists at the University of Richmond Virginia recently revealed that they have successfully taught a rat to drive a car. (This came as no surprise to me since my ex-boyfriend drove a car when he would come to pick me up.) The rodent experiment comes about 7 years after New Zealand researchers trained a dog [ keep reading ]

Three cheers for banning applause

applause, graduation cheers with confetti

Clapping and cheering are signs of appreciation. However, applause also feeds a mob mentality. Case in point: I remember attending a high school spring musical production that was painful to watch. It was not a matter of the students being young and inexperienced on the stage. Rather, they simply did not care that they were [ keep reading ]

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