Healthy snack ideas: Step away from the junk food!

healthy snack ideas, chips and veggies

Let me start by saying, “I get it.” I really do. You’re busy. You work hard Every. Single. Day. If you’re a parent, you likely don’t have even five minutes to yourself on a regular basis. You’re one indulgence is snacking. You might grab a Snickers when you’re at the grocery store checkout. Maybe you [ keep reading ]

The Customer is Always Right? Not Anymore

Dying customer service

Ever walk around a store aimlessly looking for a sale associate? Maybe you needed assistance reaching an item, or had a question about a product? Good luck finding anyone willing to go that extra step for you. As for that old adage, the customer is always right? Not anymore, in most places. Customer Service? What’s [ keep reading ]

Fall means pumpkin spice time, right?

Fall means pumpkin spice

As soon as August gives way to Labor Day, thoughts turn to that certain ubiquitous fall favorite. After all, Fall means pumpkin spice time, right? But, wait, isn’t fall more than certain flavored treats? When I was a kid, fall was more about the changing of the seasons and the coming of the holiday seasons. [ keep reading ]

You’re Never Too Old to Start Your Dreams

About two months ago, my husband and I bought a full-sized electronic keyboard. We both played a bit in high school, but didn’t really stick with it. Fast-forward twenty years, and it’s one of my biggest regrets that I didn’t continue to play. I figure that, even if it takes me another twenty years to [ keep reading ]

Is it time for drug testing in schools?

Time for drug testing in schools?

When it comes to testing students’ achievements, there are no end of measurements. But, how much is too much? Should we test for illicit behaviors? Is it time for drug testing in schools? As the academic year begins across the country, students prepare for a new round of testing. Those who are going out for [ keep reading ]

Multilevel Marketing is Ruining Your Friendships

It was 2008 and I had just moved to Atlanta. Like many twenty-somethings I didn’t have a lot of money. I was working two jobs to make ends meet and living with a friend in a low-to-middle-class suburb. So when a coworker told me how much she loved selling Mary Kay, and how it could [ keep reading ]

The Best Kid Jokes for Bigger Kids

best kid jokes

It’s true — itty bitty baby laughs are one of the best things in the whole world. Hearing a small baby’s gurgling laugh is enough to make my ovaries ache and I have to talk myself off the precipice of adding a third kid into the mix. But you know what? No one told me [ keep reading ]

Incentive to quit smoking: How about paid time off?

incentive to quit smoking, cigarette in hand

It often surprises me how many people continue to become addicted to cigarette smoking. The data has been available for so long to basically (IMHO) scare the wits out of anyone even considering taking up the habit. If you’re one of many who are currently battling this addiction, you might be looking for an incentive [ keep reading ]

18 Rules for My Kids

Did anyone else miss getting their copy of Rules for Life 101? We must have been collectively absent the day they were passed out. Honestly, I’m just winging it most of the time, which I’m pretty sure most of us are. But just because I don’t know what I’m doing doesn’t mean I can’t lay [ keep reading ]

Controversial news: Planes did not cause 9/11

controversial news, statue of liberty

Today was the eighteenth memorial of the terrorist attacks that infiltrated the United States in 2001. Radical Islamists launched these attacks and committed jihad against the U.S. in the name of their religion. Towers crumbled to the ground in New York. People died, many after suffering horrific pain and fright. In a controversial news post [ keep reading ]

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