Benefits and Risks of Forex Trading

Many in the finance industry as well as everyday people may have given some thought to trading forex for financial gain. However, it is important for people to understand the benefits and risks of trading forex. Also, understanding the difference between trading the forex market and other financial markets, such as the stock market, will [ keep reading ]

3 Reasons Audiobooks Should Be Your Hottest Accessory This Summer

On the fence about audiobooks? Sadly, I’ve met quite a few people who still can’t shake that image of their weird uncle listening to crazy political audiobooks at the family reunion, but I beg you, give audiobooks the chance they deserve. In fact, forget about the cute sundresses and $1 Old Navy Flip Flop sales, [ keep reading ]

How To Read Forex Price Quotes

How to read a currency quote in the forex is important for any aspiring trader to understand. In forex, the price of a currency is quoted against another currency’s value. For instance, the price of exchange between the Euro (EUR) and the U.S. dollar (USD) would be expressed in the following way: EUR/USD = 1.13391 [ keep reading ]

How Does the Forex Market Work?

The forex market is the largest financial market in the world and is many times larger than even the stock market. The U.S. Stock market sees about $2,000 billion worth of trades on a daily basis. However, the forex market sees almost $5 trillion worth of trading everyday. No Centralized Marketplace Forex is unique compared [ keep reading ]

Thousands Bend Down for International Yoga Day

When I took a 7 am Biology class last fall, I would roll out of bed at 5, groggily stumble down the stairs, and roll out my yoga mat on the living room floor so that I could mumble insults at the impossibly flexible and annoyingly perky yoga instructors that I streamed through YouTube. In [ keep reading ]

Ten Moves to Business Success — Part Two

The next move you should make in the chess game of business success is the effort to STOP leveraging time for money. I covered this in my book 6FPP and I’m currently developing an entire training series around this concept. Let’s be real, if your income is based entirely upon your personal ability to leverage [ keep reading ]

What Is the Forex Market?

Hundreds of thousands of transactions are completed everyday in the foreign-exchange market, otherwise known as the forex market. This amounts to an average of $1.9 trillion per day in trading transactions. The forex market, the largest and most heavily-traded financial market in the world, is a market system that enables participants to trade one currency [ keep reading ]

Florida Parents Arrested for Allowing Son to Play in Own Driveway

Helicopter parents are the talk of the Internet, with proponents claiming that they are simply ensuring the safety and future success of their children by hovering under the playground ladder and making themselves an ever-available presence in their children’s lives. Despite that, helicopter parents are routinely blamed with creating children that are unable to succeed [ keep reading ]

It’s Your Responsibility

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] “You don’t flirt when he looks good. You flirt when you look good.” I remember seeing this headline above an image of a girl admiring herself in the mirror on the glossy page of the magazine many years ago. I think it was advertising jeans, but I honestly don’t remember. But that particular statement [ keep reading ]

9 Year-Old Girl Spends Her Free Time Building Shelters And Growing Food For The Homeless

9 year-old Hailey Fort began helping the homeless four years ago when she saw a homeless man on the side of the road and asked her mother if there was anything she could do. They bought him lunch and from there, Hailey has taken it upon herself to help the needy. She spends her free [ keep reading ]

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