How Economic Data Affects Forex Markets

The economic health of a country or region greatly affects how forex market participants assign value to the country’s currency. Forex traders pay close attention to economic announcements since these data sets can help provide clues about a country’s economic health. Generally, the healthier the country’s economy the stronger its currency is against other currencies. [ keep reading ]

Market Analysis For Forex Trading

Forex traders mainly use two types of analysis in order to determine future movements in the currency market. Fundamental analysis looks at economic announcements in order to deduce the health of a country’s or region’s economy. Alternatively, technical analysis examines price action and chart patterns in order to predict price movements in the forex market. [ keep reading ]

Pluto Sends Its Love from Billions of Miles Away

How would your boss react if it took nearly 10 years for you to complete one of your work assignments? Okay, forget about completing it, just imagine taking 10 years to get to the best part of an assignment. Chances are you’d be out of a job. Luckily for the New Horizons team, NASA was [ keep reading ]

Who Participates in the Forex Market?

There are many types of participants in the forex market. Each type of participant has its own purposes for entering the currency exchange markets. It is essential for traders and investors to understand the motivations underlying decisions made by the main forex market participants. Central Banks and Governments Federal governments and central banks are among [ keep reading ]

The Current Forex System: Floating Exchange Rates

After the end of the Bretton Woods system, there was a need for a new foreign exchange system to be adopted in order to enable international exchange of currencies. The Jamaica agreement of 1976 officially ratified a floating exchange rate. This permanently abolished the gold standard, thus allowing the rate of exchange between various currencies [ keep reading ]

Your YMCA Could Be More Relevant than Ever

Even though I had already been forming crude letters with my arms for years whenever Village People started thumping out of the speakers at the skating rink, I didn’t actually realize that the YMCA was anything more than a jumble of random letters until I read Are you there God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy [ keep reading ]

The Gold Standard: Beginnings of the Forex Market

The current forex market is a sophisticated global system powered by the latest in computer technologies and networks. Money is usually not literally printed, but instead is created digitally via cyberspace and computers. However, there was a time when the value of currency had a more integral connection with the physical world. The first global [ keep reading ]

The Bretton Woods System: Recovering From World War II

War can have disastrous effects on a population. This is not only apparent in the amount of death and human suffering. War can also be devastating to economies. Towards the end of World War II governments around the world realized that there would be a long period of reconstruction required. They knew that major economic [ keep reading ]

Difference Between Bid and Ask Price Quotes in Forex

The forex market is ultimately about making money. Not only does this include traders making money but the forex market makers also need to make money. The forex market makers are the firms which facilitate and provide a platform for traders to buy and sell currency. These firms act as forex dealers or brokers. However, [ keep reading ]

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