Advantages and Disadvantages of Retail Sales Reports for Forex

The consumer is a major engine for economic growth for any country or region. This is why forex traders need keep an eye on signs of a strengthening or weakening consumer. One sign of a stronger consumer is the ability and willingness to spend money on goods. Therefore, retail sales reports are key economic indicators [ keep reading ]

The Lost Art of…Crafts

When I was younger, I was a crafting fiend. Elmer’s Glue, construction paper and markers were all I needed to while the hours away, relishing quiet time with my own creative genius. All those master pieces I created? Well, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, as they say. The point is, I grew [ keep reading ]

To Homeschool, or Not to Homeschool, That Is the Question

“I would kill my kid!” is usually the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks about homeschooling. “But I’m not a teacher– I don’t have a degree!” is another. It is easy for a parent to feel instantly overwhelmed when contemplating the idea of becoming wholly responsible for their child’s education. So what [ keep reading ]

How the ISM Reports Affect Forex Markets

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) regularly releases several economic indicators that are important to forex traders. The ISM, which was founded in 1915, services 40,000 business professionals by focusing on data and research on supply chain management. In the beginning of each month the ISM publishes the ISM Purchasing Managers Index (PMI). Although the [ keep reading ]

How Interest Rates Affect the Forex Market

Most countries have a central bank which makes monetary policy decisions. These central banks usually have a “benchmark” interest rate. This benchmark interest rate serves as a guide for interest rates that the central bank as well as other commercial banks lend to each other in order to cover short-term operational needs. These interest rate [ keep reading ]

How the Producer Price Index Affects Forex Markets

Prices that consumers pay for products and services tend to go up as demand increases. This phenomenon is known as inflation. Many times forex traders see inflation as a sign of a strengthening consumer. Therefore, market participants will pay close attention to economic indicators that attempt to measure inflationary factors. One of the most commonly [ keep reading ]

How Employment Reports Affect Forex Markets

Employment is an important aspect of an economy’s ability to expand since it is an indicator of future spending trends for consumers. Forex traders will monitor the different employment reports for various countries since stronger consumer spending will increase demand for a particular currency. Therefore, employment reports are key economic indicators for any investor looking [ keep reading ]

Interpreting Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Data for Forex Trading

Forex traders should be keen on significant economic data releases that could shed light on the strength of a country’s economy and how that affects the valuation of the country’s currency. One of the most important economic indicators is the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This data set is essentially the total monetary value of goods [ keep reading ]

Interpreting the Consumer Price Index for Forex Trading

Inflation is defined as increases in pricing for goods and services. Forex traders examine economic indicators that attempt to measure inflation because inflation suggests a country’s economy is growing. Forex traders see rising inflation as a sign of surplus money in a country’s economy which would possibly prompt the central bank to attempt to reduce [ keep reading ]

Important Economic Indicators in Forex Trading

Forex traders look to sets of economic data known as economic indicators in order to determine the health of a country’s economy. This plays a significant role in determining the value of a country’s currency in the forex market. The most commonly used economic indicators measure productivity, inflation, employment and interest rates. Gross Domestic Product [ keep reading ]

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