It’s Hard Being Your Christian

Yeah, I know…it’s a weird title. But I want you to really think about it: It is hard for me to be the Christian you expect me to be. What’s that you say? You’re not a Christian? It doesn’t matter. When you find out I’m a Christian, you instantly have a notion of how I should behave, [ keep reading ]

Play Ball!

It’s the old “American Favorite”, right up there with “apple pie” and “Chevrolet!” (I left out hot dogs because I try to avoid those traps of ill-health) In professional circles and small rural communities alike, April is the start of a new baseball season. Kids everywhere are donning ball caps, cleats and gloves to head [ keep reading ]

The Current Currents of Currency

Like that catchy title? While it may be a bit tongue-in-cheek, it signifies what just might be the most significant change ever proposed in the history of United States money. Specifically, the $20 bill. Not long after the recent announcement hit news-stands, did a contentious debate break out in all venues of instant communication. As [ keep reading ]

What’s Wrong With Me–Part 8: Hormones

Venturing into a new field of learning can be really daunting. I discovered this in February of  2016. I had been relating some of my woes to my chiropractor, a very friendly man who will take the time to listen to me as long as there is no backlog of clients. As I was relating my concerns [ keep reading ]

What’s Wrong With Me–Part 7: What Are My Symptoms?

In my segments, “What’s Wrong With Me” parts 1 – 6, I’ve been describing my medical/holistic journey once I started feeling “bad”. But was did “feeling bad” mean for me? My favorite way to describe my health is to say that I feel like I became really exhausted when I entered the last trimester of [ keep reading ]

Be a Memory Builder

I love, “The Waltons”, “Little House on the Prairie” and books by, “Charlotte Mason.” Why am I so drawn to these types of books, shows, etc…? I think it has something to do with the common thread I see in each of finding joy and contentment in the ordinary. It’s the idea that there is [ keep reading ]

Forage Your Porridge

What if I were to tell you that I often send my children outside to gather weeds for our meals? Short of thinking I have lost my mind, you might be curious to learn what would prompt me to pick weeds, then add them to our family’s culinary delights! “Foraging.” When I first heard the [ keep reading ]

Christ, Our Perfect Substitute

“He shall lay his hand on the head of the burnt offering, that it may be accepted for him to make atonement on his behalf.  He shall slay the young bull before the Lord; and Aaron’s sons the priests shall offer up the blood and sprinkle the blood around on the altar that is at [ keep reading ]

Confidence vs Conviction

Have you ever been so sure that you were called to a mission, a plan, a project or fulfillment of a life dream only to be hit with such overwhelming doubt that you question whether you were ever called to do “that something” in the first place? When you are faced with doubt, take a [ keep reading ]

True Beauty Is Reflected in the Heart

We have all heard (and perhaps have even used) the expression: “beauty is within.”Proverbs 27:19 states, “As the face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the person.”Wow! That’s a game-changer!Think for a moment, when coming upon a still, clear stream, how easily you can see your own reflection when you look into the [ keep reading ]

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