Want to Do Right by Your Family? Then, Do Right by Yourself

Every mom struggles with being overwhelmed and feeling that you should be doing more, doing better, and, quite frankly, doing it all. In fact, most of us see asking for help or letting things slide as a sign of failure. It isn’t. It is necessity. We are, after all, human still. As much as we [ keep reading ]

Run Towards the Best You

I am a runner. I wasn’t born a runner. I am not a natural runner. I certainly didn’t start young and develop into a fast or superior runner. Before the age of 40, I had never thought about running in any capacity, outside of the possibility of seeing a bear. Now, don’t get me wrong. [ keep reading ]

Don’t Fear the Teen Years

When my kids were elementary school age, a friend with older kids told me to enjoy it now. She told me the teen years would come fast, hard, and break my heart. She spoke of slamming doors, “I hate you” bellowing from hallways, sneaking out at night, stolen cash from the purse, and how all [ keep reading ]

True Confessions of a Porch-Sitter

I’m a porch-sitter, not as in one who watches other people’s porches (like, “babysitter”) rather one who sits on them—porches, not babies, of course. Not only do I love, love, LOVE sitting on my own front porch, I also love, love, LOVE looking at other people’s porches when traveling through random neighborhoods by car or [ keep reading ]

To Plan or Not to Plan: That Is the Question

Myriad studies, articles, books and essays abound regarding the countless benefits associated with structure and routine in life. Most particularly, this is thought to be true in the lives of young children. In an effort to organize and plan ahead, it is not uncommon for people to use a handy little tool known as, “a [ keep reading ]

Not ALL Asian Food Is a Dare!

In one of the most hilarious Asian skits I’ve ever seen, the creators poke fun at all the crazy ethnic food one might have eaten growing up in an Asian household. I’ll admit: as a kid I ate things that would make me cry now. I try not to think too hard about the dried fish, squid, [ keep reading ]

Knit Like a Boss Because It’s Good for You

Did you know that knitting has helped some anorexics and chronic pain sufferers deal with their issues? Crafting in general is literally good for you and this article states that knitting can produce effects similar to meditating. Knitting and crocheting has brought a lot of peace and joy to my life… and hopefully to those [ keep reading ]

Adrenal Cocktail for Your… You Guessed It– Adrenals

Over the last 6 months, my eyes have been opened to just how debilitating adrenal fatigue can be. I have met people who are house-ridden, which is how I often feel. I have met people who are bedridden…and worse. Some of the people I have met want to give up on life  because of this [ keep reading ]

Going Holistic–What’s Good for Your House

In my previous blog, I told you what I’ve been doing to help cleanse my body externally. Homemade toothpaste, milk of magnesia as deodorant, and dry brushing are now a part of my daily living. Now let’s look at some of my current favorite links for healthy household products we can make to replace dangerous store-bought chemicals. [ keep reading ]

Truth: I Don’t Know How to Dress Myself

Okay, I admit it…I seriously don’t know how to dress with any fashion sense whatsoever. You know that toddler who just grabs a shirt to pull over her head, along with stained shorts and some mismatched socks? That’s me. I’m one bad outfit away from being a Person of Walmart–and I know you know what [ keep reading ]

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