Look Past Your Faults

Isn’t it funny how we can look past the faults of our spouses, children, friends, co-workers and just about anyone who crosses our paths on a given day; yet, when it comes to ourselves, not only do we not look past our faults, we magnify them, often to the point of becoming paralyzed and unable [ keep reading ]

Faith or Fear: Why Not Both?

Christians are told all the time not to be afraid. After all, it says not to fear in the Bible 365 times. One for every day of the year, right? I am not going to lie to you, I truly believe in Christ and, yet, I still turn to fear. Being afraid of heights and [ keep reading ]

Rise Up, Gentlemen!

If one were to view simultaneous films, side by side, with average Joe–citizen men from decades ago in one frame and millenium-men in the other, it might be something like “ancient-beautiful-treasure-meets-alien-monster-attack” leaving the viewer to wonder if the people in both films are actually from different planets. That’s how much has changed. That’s how non-recognizable [ keep reading ]

Dear Rude People…

Today’s rant is about one of the rudest customers I’ve ever seen. As some of you know, I currently work in sales/retail. From the outside looking in, the store is a very calm and peaceful place to shop and work. The reality is that although it may be peaceful to shop there, it is cray-cray [ keep reading ]

FOMO Disease…and Whether or Not You Have It

I believe the disease “FOMO” is afflicting most Americans today. Do you suffer from this as well? For those of you that don’t know, this ailment dubbed “FOMO” stands for, “Fear of Missing Out”. C’mon… you know you have it. You see that your friend on Facebook is on a week-long cruise to Greece and [ keep reading ]

Not Raising Sheep for Wolves

Attending a strongly conservative church and Christian homeschool groups has afforded me some unique perspectives. I learned very quickly that the norm in the Christian community seemed to be one of cutting out all things secular from our lives: no TV, no radio (unless it was the Christian station), no non-Christian friends… I knew countless fellow [ keep reading ]

Successful Folk Chime in on Starting the Day off Right

Success is a subjective term that may be defined in various ways, according to personal interpretation and experience. General dictionary definitions include phrases such as, “accomplishment of aims or purposes” and “attainment of prosperity and/or profit.” Most modern day success-seekers would agree that daily life is often a busy, if not chaotic endeavor; to achieve [ keep reading ]

Should I Plug My Homeschooled Kids into Public School?

It’s funny…15 years ago when I was contemplating whether or not to homeschool my then only-child, I was agonizing over the decision. I was asking myself the typical questions about homeschooling: What about her socialization? What if I’m not a good teacher? What if I don’t teach her enough? My fears kept me motivated to [ keep reading ]

Be a Student in the Classroom of Life

Be a Student in the Classroom of Life Three of our 10 children have graduated high school through home instruction. Six more to go. (The eldest went to outside school, but is now married and home-schools her own children.) I could do a month-long series on the countless blessings that I (personally) and my family [ keep reading ]

“Well, How You Like Them Onions??”

Man, I don’t know about you guys but I am sick of the Kardashians. I don’t watch their show or click on articles about them. Yet, the Kardashian/Swift feud has become totally interesting and given me a few thoughts about life and how to treat others. Round One. For those of you who don’t know, Kanye [ keep reading ]

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