The Importance of “Good Morning”

I walk into my 2nd grade classroom in the morning and greet my cooperating teacher as we both take another sip of our coffees and try to eat something before the day begins. We discuss what the day looks like and how the students did the day prior academically and behaviorally. In just a few [ keep reading ]

Jam-Packed Mornings Meet the Nightly Routine

Getting up in the morning can be ROUGH. When my first alarm goes off, all I can do is think of how awful the idea of getting out of my bed sounds. Yet, I would definitely consider myself to be a morning person. Once I begin readying myself for the day, everything looks a little [ keep reading ]

Are We Really THAT Busy?

Now that I’m a receptionist at a salon, I am much more aware of time. My entire day is based on scheduling clients for nail and massage appointments. I look at the schedule and find pockets of time to squeeze people in for their services. Usually, all goes well: someone has an event or is [ keep reading ]

How to Not Be So Hard on Yourself

Just kidding! Like I know how to not be hard on myself!?!? Do you? Then give me some insight please, because all I want to do right now is find a den to hide in and hibernate until we move out of Georgia. I started a new job recently. I just completed my third full [ keep reading ]

Where Are the Stickers for The “Average” Students?

I’m a homeschooling mom. Goodness knows, my kids and I get many-the-good-laugh out of all the jokes that increase in circulation during “back to school” seasons. My favorite is the popular meme that shows a battle-fatigued woman sitting at a desk, cup of coffee in hand, talking to herself. The caption reads: “Homeschool Parent/Teacher Conference” [ keep reading ]

Bad Enough to Make Me Look Forward to Menopause

Sudden, extreme sweating, wild mood swings, heavy menstrual cycles and discomfort while having marital relations—all common symptoms of menopause. Never have I heard of a woman saying, “Oh, boy! Can’t wait ’til that happens to me!” I never thought I’d say this, but, today, I read something that not only made me look forward to [ keep reading ]

Invest in Your Life

When I think about investments, a financial concept that I do not quite understand usually comes to mind. While this type of investing can lead to great financial gain or loss, many believe that it is still worth the risk. As my last year of college approaches, I have come to agree that making an [ keep reading ]

Go the Extra…Pencil?

Another school year has begun and with it came incredibly long lines of those shopping for school supplies. As a college student with no children of my own, I was rather surprised at the amount of things filling shoppers’ carts. Their stacks of folders, crayons, pencils, erasers, glue, paint, and so much more towered over [ keep reading ]

Integrity: The Reflection of Your Character

Recent events have me thinking about integrity–what it means, how it applies in daily life, and whether or not it comes easily to us. We define “integrity” as ” the quality of being honest and fair”. In other words, it means doing the right thing even when no one is looking. As a Christian, I know [ keep reading ]

So… This Is What *I* Did Last Week

My first colonic. Yep. Tube in the anus, water in my colon, poo down the pipe. Not sure what’s happening here? Neither did I as I was going through it, but I’ll give you the low-down without being too graphic. It took me nearly a year to seriously consider a colonic. Over some months I learned [ keep reading ]

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