The Title of Entitlement

Earlier this week I saw this picture of a notepad with a title that read something like, “This is what you are entitled to, or what the world owes you.” Under the title, the notepad was empty. Blank. It did not say that you are entitled to a free education, a nice car, a six-number [ keep reading ]

Cultivating a Gentler, Kinder Spirit

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.” (Matthew 5:5) A meek and gentle spirit is truly the heart of a Christian home. Right about now, you might be thinking,”Meek and gentle? How can I be meek and gentle with kids who are climbing the wallsall day, babies who never sleep, and girls [ keep reading ]

Misguided Secular Worldview vs Truth

Modern Secular Worldview: Money buys happiness and success, and determines self-worth. Truth: It is an erroneous idea that monetary wealth produces happiness, success or personal worth. There are extremely wealthy people who are completely, utterly miserable in life, and others struggling to survive just above poverty level whose steadfast joy remains, regardless of financial circumstances. [ keep reading ]

The Language Barrier

Diversity. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary describes diversity as “the state of having people who are different races or who have different cultures in a group or organization.” Explorers and immigrants from various countries around the world are the very people that founded the United States. Since then, America has been described as the melting pot, a place [ keep reading ]

A False Sense of Security

Let me be honest: I am not one to knock on the bathroom door in a public place. Take, for instance, the single stall bathroom at Starbucks. I will simply turn the handle and push, assuming (which we all know isn’t the best idea) that if it opens, no one is inside. That way we [ keep reading ]

Football, at What Price?

I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, otherwise known as, “Steelers Country.” I love the blue-collar-chat-across-the-backyard-fence-we’ll-give-you-the-shirts-off-our-backs hometown culture of “The Burgh.” It’s in my blood. It’s who I am. Growing up in Pittsburgh and loving sports goes hand in hand. (Is it even possible to do one of these without the other? I’m not sure.) In [ keep reading ]

And the Children Shall Lead Them

I’ve had many opportunities in life to observe children. Aside from the fact that I am ever-grateful for the blessings of always having children around (because I am strongly convicted they keep me young at heart) I am also thankful for the many lessons I learn from watching them live. Scripture tells us that if [ keep reading ]

Tiny Woman, Enormous Impact: Change the World, One Kind Act at a Time

The image of Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu was recently plastered over every type of media venue, from personal cell phones to global social network sites. Name not ringing a bell? Perhaps, that’s because when she was a young woman, she took a new name: Teresa. Still, no bell? Ok. How about if I give you the [ keep reading ]

Just Making It Up

Oh makeup. The wonderful part of the morning routine that covers a multitude of breakouts, wrinkles, scars, and so much more. Girls, young and old alike, spend a great deal of money, time, and effort on making their faces perfect. So why do we have such an obsession with “making up” our faces? As a [ keep reading ]

A Lukewarm Life

  Have you ever gotten into the shower right after a workout? It feels so hot it’s almost unbearable and you turn down the temperature as fast as you can. Or when it’s 20 degrees in January, who wants to get into a cold shower? I can confidently say very few people don’t crank up [ keep reading ]

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