My Love Note to Other Parents: Final Page

In my first and second letters to you, I’ve outlined what you’ve taught me regarding parenting. It’s not possible for me to list all that you’ve taught me, but I just want to share a few more things that have really helped guide me over the years. 7) Love your kids, but not above your spouse.  In a [ keep reading ]

That Long Ago, Far Away America: It’s Not So Long Ago or Far Away After All

I love vintage scenes depicting simple family life. It warms my heart to gaze upon pictures of children playing with train sets around beautifully decorated Christmas trees or families sitting by roaring fires, engaged in lovely activities such as reading, sewing or playing board games. The media would have us believe such scenes no longer [ keep reading ]

Gifts That Keep Right on Giving

Wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counsel, piety, fortitude, fear of the Lord – otherwise known as: The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. As I typed the above list, a sweet little tune played in my head. It’s the melody to a little “jingle” if-you-will, that I taught all my children growing up to help them remember [ keep reading ]

My Love Note to Other Parents: Second Page

My Dear Parents– You’ve taught me so much. I want to continue my letter to you as a show of gratitude for all that you’ve taught me. I’ve cherished it in my heart all these years and hope to pass on to others what you have passed on to me. 4) Be the first to apologize [ keep reading ]

Hint: This Just Miiight Be Part of the Problem.

My niece is a very successful cosmetology instructor in a vocational high school. As a Christ-centered and godly woman, this wife, mother of four and vested teacher always tries to identify God’s plan for her life; thus, she does not take major decisions lightly. I was surprised to learn she is considering ending her career, [ keep reading ]

Just You and Me & God

Relationships are a beautiful thing. Friendships, families, and dating relationships can give you a sense of belonging, a feeling of purpose, and an overall joy. I have been blessed to grow up in a loving family, be surrounded by amazing friends, and find myself with the most kind-hearted boyfriend there could be. These are the [ keep reading ]

Seriously? This Is What You Call Customer Service?

I recently had to call the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to inquire about hours of operation for the nearest facility to my home in order to renew/update my driver’s license information and photo. I think I finally understand my parents and grandparents better, thinking back to the many times they have lamented a great decline [ keep reading ]

Highly “uneducated” Success

Divisive banter pertaining to the recent presidential election has been rampant. One of the most frequent (misguided) assertions I’ve read is this : “Most of those who voted for Trump were white, uneducated males.” Given the fact that I myself do not hold a college degree, this particular topic obviously hits close to home. (Add [ keep reading ]

My Love Note to Other Parents: First Page

My Dear Fellow Parents and Kindred Spirits, As I’ve mentioned several times before, I did not grow up in a happy household with nurturing, compassionate parents. When I became a young mother at 20 years old, I didn’t know much about being a good parent. All I could go on–and I still do, 22 years [ keep reading ]

I Protest Their Protests

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects our rights to the free exercise of religion, as well as our freedom to peacefully assemble, speak our minds and petition the government for redress of grievances. This has somehow turned many people in this nation into protest-happy bands of citizens and non-citizens who think any situation [ keep reading ]

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