A Day in the Life of a Teacher

Alarm clock goes off- it’s 5:15 in the morning and another day has begun. The morning routine begins: brushing teeth and hair, washing the face, putting on make-up. Lunch made the night before, I make my coffee, grab some breakfast for later, and head out the door. I arrive at my elementary school 45 minutes [ keep reading ]

It’s a Big World After All

As I approach the end of my collegiate career, I am already considering what other avenues I can take to further my education. Finals week has come and gone and with it the relief of making it through another semester. While I would not say that I am ready to push straight into a full-time [ keep reading ]

Parenting an Adult Child

Ah…..the awesome wonderment of parenting: cuddle time with the new baby in the hush of the morning; washing cookie dough from pudgy four-year old hands; feeling like SuperMama because one band-aid and kiss healed the latest boo-boo… Then there’s the sideways looks after being told to clean the kitchen; rolled eyes when I’m trying to [ keep reading ]

Let’s Bring Back Bartering!!!

I am very blessed: I have a wonderful family, two great bosses, kind friends, everything I need and lots of what I want. Still, I can relate to this totally hilarious poster:   I try not to spend money on things I don’t need, but I won’t be holding classes on how to be thrifty [ keep reading ]

It’s Okay to Say, “No”

I have a very submissive personality, and one of loyalty and service. I also grew up feeling unwanted and in the way of the adults around me, so I was forever trying to appease them by any means I could so that they could at least tolerate my presence. These feelings of inadequacy coupled with my desire to [ keep reading ]

Fish Bowls Are for Fish, Not People

Lately, it seems I can’t scroll through news headlines online without coming across one, two (sometimes 10) stories about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. (The irony that I, too, am now writing about them is not lost.) I’ve clicked on several links to read the latest updates in their apparent child custody battle (as if [ keep reading ]

Game Changer

From time to time, I like to focus on a specific virtue I hope to increase in my life, or, break a bad habit (and preferably replace it with a good one). A while back (on the yellow brick road –ha ha, just kidding) I determined ( i.e. The man I love and vowed to [ keep reading ]

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