Our Youth, Our Hope

I often wonder how different “reading the news” would feel if reporters began a quest to share good news, inspiring news and hopeful news instead of twaddle, drama and gore. Sometime, back when yellow journalism first reared its ugly head, news used to be good, or, at least, informative, humorous and/or helpful to the general [ keep reading ]

A Day in the Life of a Teacher…Continued

The school year is well under way and I wake up each morning to greet the 20 faces that I call my children. Each and Every one of them has become more than a student; I have given 20 children a piece of my heart as we come together to learn and grow. Monday through [ keep reading ]

If It’s on Facebook, Does That Make It True?

Many people (including myself) believe it is far more important to learn “how” to learn than it is to use a particular curriculum, go to a certain school or follow a prescribed structure/format of education. Granted, there are various other factors necessary to promote growth in knowledge, understanding and wisdom in life. However, the bare-bones-foundation [ keep reading ]

Lessons Learned from Simple Moments

It’s funny how simple moments can stand out as extraordinary treasures in an ordinary day. During a recent visit to the Missionaries of Charity convent/home in Washington, D.C., I had the amazing privilege of serving the full-time residents who are cared for there by approximately 40 religious sisters (whose foundress was Mother Teresa of Calcutta) [ keep reading ]

The Seat of Complacency

While I was home for the holidays, something came to my attention. I was attending a church service in which the worship team began singing, as the congregation remained seated. This is something that I’ve seen before, but this time something struck me. A man chose to stand during the song, leading many to do [ keep reading ]

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