Update on Health Research: Part 3 (Kitchen)

As I go through this process of healing, I realize that it really takes a huge network of people to help me heal. For my mental health, I am trying to move forward from past and present pains by seeing a therapist. For my spiritual growth, I am reading various books and meditating. For my [ keep reading ]

Update on Health Research: Part 2

In my previous article Update on Health Research: Part 1, I confessed that I had a “woe is me” moment that lasted about two months. In those two months, I felt sorry for myself for all my health woes: hair loss and weight gain (Dang it! Why oh WHY can’t it be the other way [ keep reading ]

I Asked for a Blessing, but God Sent a Lesson

There is this person whom I have come to think of as “my thorn in the flesh.” Allow me to explain. See, I have had a few serious medical issues that have kept me from being able to work outside of writing for the last 7 months, and it is not yet clear when I [ keep reading ]

Update on Health Research: Part 1

I was shocked to discover that I haven’t posted a blog on my health journey since last year (2016). Around May of 2016, I started working part-time and I suppose that accounts for why I haven’t taken the time to blog. Although time stops for no one, I have been slowly inching my way forward [ keep reading ]

Through the Eyes of a …. Dog?

There have been several writers over time who’ve borrowed the term, “Through the eyes of a child.” Many times, this terminology was used to express how the world can look much brighter and more innocent when seen through the eyes of children. They are not biased, they are not jaded, and they have not been [ keep reading ]

Is This What Middle Age Feels Like??

When I was younger, I never gave much thought to what “middle age” means. We know that Google never lies and Google says that middle age is the ages between 45 and 65. I like to arrive to appointments early and true to form, I’m 43 and thinking I’m already at “middle-age”. But what does [ keep reading ]

Republican Senator John McCain Diagnosed with Brain Cancer

A few days ago, Hot Mess reported that the GOP vote on healthcare had been delayed due to a blood clot in Republican Senator John McCain’s left eye. Mitch McConnell made the announcement last Saturday night before the scheduled vote on the Better Care Act. Although some are saying that without McCain’s vote, the bill [ keep reading ]

Heavy Metal is Not Just for Angry People

So many people seem to believe that those who choose to listen to heavy metal music are angry, maladjusted people who have difficulty relating to the real world. In reality, those who enjoy this genre of music may be better adjusted than others believe. Heavy metal music deals with topics that many other artists shy [ keep reading ]

GOP Healthcare Vote Delayed

According to ABC News, the vote by the United States Senate on the healthcare bill was postponed Saturday night by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Known as the “Better Care Act,” this bill is meant to replace ObamaCare as America’s health care law. As the report states, without McCain’s vote, the bill could be in jeopardy. [ keep reading ]

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