Is My Son Too Sensitive?

I love my Boy. When he was first born, he had two older sisters. The eldest especially doted on him. He preferred her to me, which I used to my advantage (“Rock him to sleep while I do some laundry!!”). Before he turned one, I could see that he was a bit rough and would [ keep reading ]

Rene Zellweger to Star in Christian Film on Restoring Marriage

Well-known actress Rene Zellweger has been confirmed to star in an upcoming film about marriage restoration. According to Christian Headlines, the movie shares the story of a man and wife whose marriage is in jeopardy after the husband, Ron Hall (played by Greg Kinnear) cheats. The wife, Debbie (played by Zellweger) is devastated at the [ keep reading ]

Hindsight Is Not Really 20/20

I’d like to think of myself as someone who is introspective. I grew up in a household where the spoken rule was, “Children should be seen and not heard” This bound me and stifled my voice for years. As a side note, it is interesting that Louise Hay says in her book that throat issues are [ keep reading ]

The Wall Sit: Who in Their Right Mind Invented This Thing?

Exercising is good. I’ve always loved to exercise. In my teens and 20s, I typically exercised five or six days a week, several hours a day. I was one of those young moms who would plop my baby across my shins and ankles while lying on my back to do leg lifts, or chat and [ keep reading ]

Marital Happiness Closely Linked to These Key Factors

No two marriages are exactly the same. God has ordained marriage between man and woman in order to propagate His kingdom on earth to prepare to eternal life with Him in heaven. Marriage is two-fold: 1. It brings man and wife alongside each other to act as companions and helpmates on the road to eternity. [ keep reading ]

When Did Adulting Become a Word?

One of my 10 children is currently preparing for her senior year of high school. As many parents in similar situations do, I’ve been trying to help my daughter research various potential career and post-secondary education paths as she prays and discerns what steps she feels called to take once the coming school year ends. [ keep reading ]

How to Make Delicious (Yes, Really!) Low Carb Bread with 5 Ingredients

Lately, it seems that everyone is on a health kick of some kind. One of the most popular ways that people are changing their diets is by going with some form of low carb diet. While some may choose the keto lifestyle, this can be too drastic for others. Ketoers eat less than 20 carbs [ keep reading ]

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