Who Knew the Addams Family Was So Cutting Edge at the Time?

It’s always fun to acquaint my kids with some of the old sitcoms their dad and I used to watch long ago. This week, I ordered, “The Addams Family” series from Netflix on DVD. The very first episode I watched with my youngest son, age 10, made us laugh out loud because it struck a [ keep reading ]

When Did Professional Sports Become a Venue for Protest?

Many people who read online news or watch television have been engrossed in a recent controversy regarding the Pittsburgh Steelers and the entire NFL and overall professional sports industry throughout the nation. As a refresher, in case you’re one of the few who haven’t heard, the gist of the situation is that the Steelers’ coach [ keep reading ]

Millions of Teens Gather for ‘See You at the Pole’

In the midst of protests over the flag and prayer, millions of teens gathered at flag poles across the country, and the world, to pray. According to a report from Hello Christian, images of these kids praying have been posted to websites, Facebook pages, and other social media showing just how expansive the turnout was [ keep reading ]

If Every Day Were a State of Emergency

Do you remember where you were when our nation was invaded by terrorists who launched an air attack on several major building structures and historic landmarks, spanning three states in 2001? My own recollection of the tragedy that has since come to be known as 9/11 is deeply etched in my brain as I had [ keep reading ]

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