The Beauty Tip That Has Saved Me Hours

I am mom of three busy kids all under the age of seven. Admittedly, I spend very little time on a beauty regimen. I recently watched a talented young mother provide an online live makeup tutorial. She patiently explained the multiple products and steps she used to achieve her beautiful end result. While I was [ keep reading ]

Since When Did It Become American to Bully?

Over the past several years, there seems to have been a coarsening of American thought and behavior. Where civility and graciousness use to be the norm, it seems to have become more acceptable to insult and degrade others that one disagrees with rather than have a respectful debate. While the phrase, “Ugly American” use to [ keep reading ]

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Experience

For many, the advent of the Christmas season conjures images of snow, holiday shopping, sweet treats and dreams of special presents. For others, the days leading up to the holiday season mean something a little different. For these particular music lovers, the Thanksgiving holiday marks the start of another touring season for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. [ keep reading ]

It’s Not the Decor Itself, but the Message Behind It That Matters

If you were not you, but rather, were stepping into your own house a s guest for the first time, what would your impression be? Do you feel your surroundings saying, “Greetings! Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here. Come in and sit a while — rest your feet and make yourself at home” or do [ keep reading ]

Set a Plan to Pass the Torch

When you think back to the time when your business was nothing more than a dream, it might make you smile. Fast forward a few decades that were filled a lot of hard work and unending effort, and you reach the memories where you felt satisfied that your business was a success. As you approach [ keep reading ]

Noteworthy: Nutritionist and Author Ann Louise Gittleman

As a nutrition and health care professional, I hold Ann Louise Gittleman in high regard. Her career as a health and nutrition pioneer spans more than 3 decades. Her wealth of knowledge and healing wisdom has revolutionized the way my colleagues and I approach nutrition. I was honored to sit down with her and discuss [ keep reading ]

Prophet — A Novella — Vol. 3

Brent watched the man slowly rise from his crouched position; rise, and rise, and rise still more. He knew his mouth was hanging open, but he couldn’t stop staring. The man was nothing short of a Colossus. The man chuckled at the sight of Brent’s face and Brent immediately feigned nonchalance. “It’s okay,” the man’s [ keep reading ]

Prophet — A Novella — Vol. 2

“It’s too big to be a trash bag,” Brent thought, conceding that it did look like a trash bag, sort of. As he squinted into the pouring rain through his windshield, a battle between fear and curiosity raged within him.  “This is stupid,” he finally said. “I’m getting out,” he spoke aloud, curtly this time, [ keep reading ]

Prophet – A Novella – Vol. 1

Rain fell ferociously from the sky in thick sheets of liquid glass; individual drops mauled the windshield of Brent’s decidedly un-pimp 1992 Toyota Corolla like deadly strikes from a wild beast, leaving jagged streaks of moisture in their wake. Instinctively, he hunched over his steering wheel in a fruitless attempt to improve his visibility. He [ keep reading ]

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