Should Breastfeeding Be Supported More by Pediatricians?

Breastfeeding supporters have been hard at work to generate more support for breastfeeding mothers. Although great strides have been made, mothers continue to need more support from medical professionals. I had my first child over seven years ago. I had a strong desire to breastfeed my children for the health, financial and bonding benefits. As [ keep reading ]

How Did We Get Here: The Culture of Sexual Harassment

While it is no secret that sexual harassment has occurred countless times over the past 60 years or more, the numbers of complaints and victims have increased exponentially over the past few years. We have seen numerous icons toppled from their place of honor when victims came forward with claims of harassment. The one burning [ keep reading ]

Vo-Tech Schools: Are They Needed Now More Than Ever?

Once upon a time, middle and senior high schools in the nation would offer classes that were lumped under the heading of Vo-tech – which including sewing and cooking as well as classes in learning the basics of wood and metal working. Some schools even offered more extensive choices such as plastics and drafting classes. [ keep reading ]

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Get Your Exercise for Free!

Remember the 80s? Sweat bands, leg warmers, neon Lycra leggings and big hair? Are you one of many who owned several editions of Jane Fonda workout videos or listened to Olivia Newton John’s, “Let’s Get Physical” at your weekly aerobics class? I recently spent an evening looking through old photos with my kids and we [ keep reading ]

It’s Not My Father’s Talk Show Anymore

I remember when I was a child, my dad was enthralled by talk radio and its television counterpart. At almost any given moment when traveling by car or relaxing in his recliner after a long day’s work, he could be found listening to or watching some type of debate, discussion, interview or documentary about politics, [ keep reading ]

Laughter: A Key Component in Successful Marriages

When my children ask me what I liked most about their dad when we met, I often tell them he always made me laugh. Little did I know that this happens to be a secret aid toward marriage longevity, at least, according to six couples whose combined lengths of marriage amounts to more than 350 [ keep reading ]

Look out Broadway! Here Come the Bee Gees!

Was there a singing group in your youth that qualified you as a number one fan? For me, it was the Bee Gees. In fact, I think I knew every word to every Bee Gee hit ever performed, even the ones they did when they themselves were but mere children. I loved the Bee Gees [ keep reading ]

Treatment of Others Is More Important Than Attending Church

I was a nurse for seven years, and the job taught me many life lessons. My patients taught me how to adequately communicate, educate and care for others. My patients taught me to see them as the people they were. They were not a job, but people who were scared, vulnerable, sick and in pain. [ keep reading ]

Is Death and Fear Really Entertainment?

Perusing the television channel guide would lead one to believe that it’s a cookie cutter world. While there are literally hundreds of channels available to the average cable or satellite dish subscriber, there seems to be a dearth of variety. At first glance one may disagree with that assessment. But what happens when we take [ keep reading ]

Why Are We Still Looking for the Russian Boogie Man?

Though the presidential elections were over a little more than a year ago, every time there seems to be a lull in the news stories concerning the latest mass shooting or natural disaster, media sources go back to speculating how the election was rigged. While this is counterproductive on many levels, the issue doesn’t seem [ keep reading ]

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