2017 Was a Year of Many Losses in Music Industry

Every year sees its share of loss and the arrival of new life. However, some years seem to bring more than its share of heartache when beloved entertainment figures pass on. This year was no exception to this writer as the tragedies seem to come early and continued to push across the months in waves. [ keep reading ]

Is the Tax Reform Beneficial to You?

From the time he announced his campaign for the presidency, Mr. Trump touted the need for a new tax code. While there was much speculation as to whether this could be accomplished, President Trump and congress seem to have been successful in their efforts. However, was there really a need to make such sweeping changes [ keep reading ]

Are You Enough as a Mom?

I have hit a new stage of motherhood with my three kids. While I thought having a newborn with two other children under the age of 5 would be the most difficult, this stage of motherhood has been my hardest. I am finding on a daily basis that I consistently feel like I am not [ keep reading ]

Technology Saves the Day and the Lost Hunter

There is a constant striving to improve lives with advanced technology, thinking and trying to reinvent the wheel. In many ways, new gadgets fail to meet the promised expectations and the growth of automated industry has often disrupted lives and taken money off the table from blue-collar workers who are finding themselves replaced by a [ keep reading ]

Balancing Gratitude and the Holidays

This time of year is full of wonder, delight and anticipation for millions of children around the world whose families celebrate Christmas. The brightly colored lights, sugary treats and uplifting music all work together to bring smiles to little faces along with wishes for that special something they have been hoping for all year. However, [ keep reading ]

Bad Call or Incomplete Pass?

NFL referee, Tony Corrente, may be remembered long after he retires for his apparent ability to make Pittsburgh Steelers fans mad as hornets. In fact, his recent (highly controversial) call in the final minutes of the Steelers versus Patriots game continues to spawn contentious debate and discord on social media networks, sports news programs and [ keep reading ]

What’s Behind a Name?

Growing up I was surrounded by girls commonly named Jessica, Sarah, Nicole and Melissa. Instead of choosing one of the popular names of the year, my parents chose an unconventional name for me. I was not too old when I began to realize my name was not as common as other girls. Even as a [ keep reading ]

The Yard Sale Item I Never Pass Up

There’s a handy dandy item for which I always keep a lookout. If I pass a yard sale, visit an second-hand store or stroll through an antique (some might say, “junk”) mall. I can usually pick up several of this item for a mere handful of coins and I always wind up being super happy [ keep reading ]

Does Your Child Measure up When It Comes to Gratitude?

For decades when the idea of public education was born, the focus was reading, writing and arithmetic. These three key areas of education were expected to help a young mind to grow and learn and become a productive member of society. Along with those concrete lessons, students naturally learned how to become not just productive [ keep reading ]

Americans Love Affair with Pets

Americans are known for not doing anything half-heartedly. Indeed, we greet many things with passion and gusto, which can sometimes lead us into the dangerous ground of obsession. One thing that Americans seem to have fallen completely in love with is our pets. According to the figures for 2016, Americans spent an estimated $62 billon [ keep reading ]

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