Do You Struggle to Say No?

“No” is supposed to be such a simple answer, but often it is a complex word. It is a word I struggle with on a daily basis. Because I have three kids, it is also a word I have to say a lot. Not only do I have to say it to my kids, but [ keep reading ]

Who Will Step up to End the Bloodshed?

This country experienced another devastating attack on our young people on the day supposedly dedicated to love. Seventeen victims were gunned down and 14 others were wounded when a teenager with an assault rifle opened fire in a Florida High School. Before the bodies were laid to rest, the finger pointing and blame game began. [ keep reading ]

Avoid These Major Parenting Pitfalls!

In the wake of yet another national tragedy, as we cry, pray and ache for the families of children shot in cold blood in the classrooms and halls of their school, we’re left (as usual) with more questions than answers. The potential list of questions is basically limitless although there are no concrete answers available, [ keep reading ]

Several Ways We Hold Our Children Back

Becoming a parent is one of the most important and rewarding adventures in an adult’s life. Once that helpless and innocent life is first placed in our arms, we have so many hopes and fears for those young lives. Every parent wants their child to excel and become successful and happy people in time. However, [ keep reading ]

Break out Your Crock Pot for Super Easy, Tasty Meals!

May I just say how much I love my crock pot? As a mom who wears several hats at once (I.e. Homeschooling instructor hat, church and outreach volunteer hat, Work-from-home hat, Chauffeur for two teens who have paid employment jobs and three who participate in sports hat, Grammy to six-hat, and all the extra (wonderful) [ keep reading ]

Some Types of Hacking Are Good!

Some types of hacking are good! Alongside advanced technology throughout the world, came new types crime, such as identity theft, electronic wire fraud, and computer hacking. Most people know what it’s like to log into Facebook only to learn that someone has hacked their accounts. This gives hacking a bad name, for sure. I have [ keep reading ]

Migraines: the Debilitating “Invisible Disease”

One of the hardest things about being a migraine sufferer is that it’s an invisible disease: no one can see the pain you’re going through. I had a few as a young teen, but they came back in full force when my eldest, who is now 24, was six  weeks old. I suspect my hormonal [ keep reading ]

8 Reasons Why You Should Join Your HOA Board

Approximately three years ago, we moved into a neighborhood that we have grown to love and have made our home. Our neighborhood is a planned neighborhood and has multiple amenities. With any neighborhood amenities, there must be someone to manage the amenities and shared property which is often in the form of a Home Owners [ keep reading ]

Thou Shall Not Kill and the Death Penalty

Depending on which Christian faith one claims, either Protestant or Catholic, the Commandment to not kill is either 5th or 6th on the list of things that God does not condone. It doesn’t rank as high as Love the Lord or Obeying Parents, but it is in the top 10. However, there are many ways [ keep reading ]

Do We Need a More Positive Approach to Learning?

Ask any one on the street what he or she thinks is the state of education in America and you will likely receive an endless variety of answers. The truth is, no one really seems to have a clear grasp of the situation or how to improve things – or even if they need to [ keep reading ]

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