‘Terminator’ Faces New Challenge

One of the most intensely feared and then beloved characters in the modern era of movies recently faced another new challenge or face his own termination. Arnold Schwarzenegger, age 70, who has worn many hats in his life and career, just underwent his fourth cardiac procedure. While it was initially a planned operation, it quickly [ keep reading ]

New Dawn for Endangered Orangutan Species

The Sumatran Orangutan is critically endangered with an estimated 14,600 left in the world. These animals are under pressure from habitat destruction and poaching. Though there are efforts to protect these majestic animals, the greatest hope of preserving the species is most likely through captive breeding programs. According to zoo officials, there is new hope [ keep reading ]

Kindergarten is Around the Corner

Someone asked me recently if I knew the dates for kindergarten registration, and I was confused as to why they asked me. I had been there and done that, and we are completely passed the kindergarten stage. The thing is, I forgot my second child is entering kindergarten next year. When my first child was [ keep reading ]

Why Are Other’s “Fails” So Popular?

In a trend that has grown faster than one can blink, the word ‘fail’ has become a noun to describe an action or decision that did not succeed. While the verb form is still in use, the hijacking of this word into a noun has become a part of our every day slang. While I [ keep reading ]

The Struggles of Being the Rarest Personality Type and Healthy Relationships

There are an estimated 16 main personality types. One can determine where he or she fits in by taking one of several personality tests that are available online. Each classification comes with its predominant character traits with about three other facets that help drive one in their interactions with others. Of the 16 main types, [ keep reading ]

Did ABC Lead to Fatal Collapse?

Accelerated Bridge Construction, or ABC, is an approach to building bridges. It is usually carried out off to the side of the eventual location for either a replacement or new bridge construction. It was developed as a way of cutting down on the time of on-site construction work. Shutting down a roadway for an extended [ keep reading ]

Effective Parenting Requires Core Principles

When one lands a dream job, he or she often gives it their best effort. They study the requirements and educate themselves on how to meet and exceed their employer’s expectations. What many may fail to appreciate about parenting is that it is the most important job he or she will ever have. How we [ keep reading ]

When Did Sports Become ‘Pay to Play’ Programs?

Sports are big in the United States. An estimated 40-some million kids play one or more sports every year. I’ve written before on various topics, such as how I believe adults have ruined kid-sports in America and how greed has tempted many adults to place young athletes’ health and physical conditions at risk, just to [ keep reading ]

Lights, Camera, Action!

I live in an older neighborhood with a lot of fixer upper homes. Some of the homes have been updated, but others have not. Our older homes have attracted multiple product vendors in attempt to solicit various businesses. One of the most frequent vendors to knock on our doors are window sales people because it [ keep reading ]

A Shift in Formality: Has It Led to Lack of Respect?

Back in the day, spouses did not address each other on a first name basis, at least not in front of others. While that may seem a bit extreme to us married folks from 2018, there was indeed a lot more formality, decorum and chivalry long ago that has all but vanished from modern society. [ keep reading ]

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