Could 83 Minutes Benefit Your Family?

Like many these days, I rarely talk on my phone anymore, but today I talked on it for eighty-three minutes. It is the longest phone call I have had in years. What kept me on the phone so long? Life-insurance. My husband and I have been leading a group through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University [ keep reading ]

Is Being in the Best School District Really the Best for Our Kids?

Our home is located exactly one mile between two different schools. Although both schools are within two miles of each other, they could not be more different, but both are great schools. One school is considered a Title One school and the other is not. Title One, indicates that a certain percentage of a school’s [ keep reading ]

One Size Never Fits All In Parenting

Being the mom of many has been an identity I have been privileged to claim for many years. It wasn’t bestowed until after about the third. At some point, people started to look at my family funny as if we were odd and curious at the same time. However, the more attention we drew, the [ keep reading ]

Does God Want Us to Budget?

Since having my first job, I have slowly learned how to budget. I found that I have improved handling our finances little by little over the years. As I have learned how following a budget could change our lives, I have shared what I have learned with family, friends and others wishing for help as [ keep reading ]

Current Administration Seems Plagued with Issues

It seems every day, there is a new scandal breaking concerning what is occurring in the Trump Administration. Most recently, President Trump’s attorney is purportedly facing a criminal investigation though there have not been any details regarding exactly why. Recently, there was speculation that prosecutors are looking for information to support allegations that women who [ keep reading ]

Could Your Life Use Some Prayer Perks?

Do you pray? I’ll venture to say, right off the bat, that most people reading this will answer, “Yes.” However, I’d also wager that no two people’s prayers lives will be exactly the same. Some people actually schedule time for prayer; as in, they write it into their weekly planners and consider it part of [ keep reading ]

Beauty: It’s All in Your Mind

We’ve all heard sayings, such as, “You are what you eat,” or “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” The latter typically refers to the fact that no two people look at the same object in exactly the same way. This is part of what makes art so interesting. There’s another way to interpret [ keep reading ]

Rise Up, Parents! Debunk the Myths

Parenting is definitely a life journey that includes ups and downs, challenges and adventures, beautiful reward and blessings, and often much sorrow, worry and frustration. Most of us are far too hard on ourselves, always thinking the ‘other’ parent does it better than us, forgetting that God does not call us to be successful, only [ keep reading ]

Major Lifehack Ahead for Those Who Paint Their Nails!

I have six daughters. We love to paint our nails. For me, personally, throughout my 33 years of parenting, I have found that painting my nails is a fun, easy way to indulge in a bit of self-pampering. It makes me smile to catch glimpses of pretty colors, whether matte or sparkly, as I carry [ keep reading ]

Can You Grow Your Own Farm to Table Fruits and Vegetables?

For most of us, eating food straight off a plant is very impractical, but it is the best way to receive the most nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Most of us do not live near our food resources or have the correct weather to grow everything we need year round, but some fresh food can [ keep reading ]

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