Why I Think Parents Should Watch “13 Reasons Why”

I first heard about Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” when my sister-in-law told us that their daughter was caught watching the show at a slumber party. She was 12 at the time, and there was relief that she had only watched part of the first episode. Later, discussion circulated on morning talk shows due to the [ keep reading ]

Since When Do We Thank Captors for Releasing Hostages?

In 2011, Kim Jong-un began to serve as Supreme Leader of North Korea. Much has happened in the seven years since, including Jong-un’s many public statements made in hostility toward the United States. On several occasions, tensions have risen quite high following threats of nuclear attack on Jong-un’s part. North Korea officials also took several [ keep reading ]

We Tried Plated for a Month and This Is What Happened

Boxed meal kits are more popular than ever. We just finished a month long subscription of Plated and here is my unsolicited and unsponsored review. I love to cook and pride myself on being a pretty skilled and decent cook, but life is busy. After a busy April and even busier May, I took advantage [ keep reading ]

Walking the Line Between Respect and Self-Preservation

From an early age, children are taught to honor and respect their parents. In many homes, this may be an easy task for children, as they are provided with the love, security and guidance that every child needs in order to mature into a healthy adult. Sadly, many children are not the recipients of unconditional [ keep reading ]

One Year Later, Music Still Plays

One year ago, music fans awoke to the news that another beloved singer had died. Reports indicated that he died of suicide in his motel room mere hours after a comeback concert with is reunited band from the 90’s. Singer Chris Cornell was no longer among the living. His career took off after the Seattle [ keep reading ]

How Do Busy Moms Exercise?

I am finding that my kids get busier as they get older. As a novice mother, I had assumed that once my kids achieved more independence, they would be less busy, but this is not the case. Because of a hectic schedule last fall, I began dropping my work outs because there was no time. [ keep reading ]

It is that time of year. It is the time of year that thousands of high school students are about to make decisions to enter into an enormous amount of debt for a higher education. The crazy part about school loans is that it is considered acceptable and encouraged by many. Dear high school graduates, [ keep reading ]

Do You Own a Pair of Crocs?

What goes around, comes around, is definitely true in the world of fashion. Some clothing that was popular in my youth has resurfaced in department stores where my teenagers shop although items often undergo name-changes when they reappear on clothing racks. For instance, what my generation called bell bottoms are now known as flairs. Three [ keep reading ]

Should You Seek Permission Before Changing Your Baby’s Diaper?

Various select-group agendas would have us believe there is no such thing as absolute truth. While Christians and many other faith-based peoples refute the idea and live counter-culturally to relativistic trends, there is no shortage of news headlines or supposed professional opinions promoting self-indulgence and individual interpretation of right and wrong. Due to various recent [ keep reading ]

Can You Find 15 Hours for Your Spouse?

My husband and I are hooked on audiobooks. Because we are so busy, reading words on a page is an invitation to shut my eyes even though I love a good book. Listening to a book while folding laundry, taking a long trip or exercising is a great way to multitask. On a recommendation, we [ keep reading ]

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