An Easy Way to Knock out School Supply Shopping

Some people get really excited about shopping for school supplies. I do not. When I have shopped for supplies, every other parent in my area also seems to be in the store shopping for supplies as I stand in the aisles checking to make sure I am purchasing the sharpened pencils and the correct size [ keep reading ]

Why I Will Never Take My Husband Back to Ikea

We have an Ikea within a 45 minute drive of our home. As we have worked to make our homes our own and more efficient, we have visited an Ikea about once a year. What draws us to Ikea every year? Their bath towels are some of my favorites. They are inexpensive and have a [ keep reading ]

Prophet — A Novella — Vol. 5

Brent watched in awe as the truck began to spin, round and round she went like something from an action movie. Gabriel didn’t break stride, nor did he turn around to watch. As Brent looked on, the truck careened over the curb and into the parking lot, far too close for him to feel comfortable [ keep reading ]

How to Tackle a Home Renovation Project

My husband and I have renovated two homes. We are still in progress on our second home, which could likely be our forever home. Over the years, we have learned several lessons when completing work on our homes. We continue to learn and by no means call ourselves experts. Any time we decide to tackle [ keep reading ]

How to Read When You Lack the Time

I was a book worm growing up and could often be caught reading a book in between classes at school. Some of my favorite books still sit on a book shelf in our home. Naturally, adulthood made it a little harder to enjoy books as much as I had in the past, but book series [ keep reading ]

Choosing to Live in the Not-So-Big House

My husband and I currently live in an area where living in a home with a minimum of 3,000 square feet is normal. Our current house barely squeaks out at 2,100 square feet with no basement and no outside storage building such as a shed. We are a family of five plus one dog. We [ keep reading ]

Should You Invest in a Paint Sprayer?

My husband and I love to DIY.  Neither one of love to paint, but we are too cheap to pay someone what we can do ourselves when it only cost us paint, supplies and time.   Some may claim that the savings is not that significant, but I know that it has resulted in more [ keep reading ]

8th Grade Graduation: Stepping into Success

After having spent the past 20 years homeschooling my children, the decision was made last year to enroll the remaining children in public school. As the school year unfolded and the girls began to adjust to new routines and schedules, I was apprehensive about how it would unfold. While I expected the youngest to enjoy [ keep reading ]

Will This Country Ever Be United Again?

Over the past several election cycles, the divisions in the country have seemed to grow wider and more contentious than ever. Though there are a few other political parties besides Democrats and Republicans, it is these two parties that have worked to do everything other than help unite the country. Along with the constant fighting [ keep reading ]

How to Survive the Summer with Kids

When I had my first child, I was curious to why other veteran stay-at-home moms moaned and groaned about the summer months with kids at home more than the school year. I enjoyed the relaxed schedule, the opportunity to do new things and the opportunity to do all things water during the summer. After last [ keep reading ]

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