Don’t Let Financial Crisis Be the Straw That Breaks Your Camel’s Back

When you feel stressed, do you get frightened? How about the other way around? Stress and fear tend to accompany one another and any number of life-situations can cause either. One particular issue that throws many people’s internal peace-clocks out of whack is financial trouble. Perhaps just thinking about makes you feel nervous and causes [ keep reading ]

Faith and Scandal: One Must Go

The Roman Catholic Church claims to be able to trace its roots directly back to the Last Supper. At the moment that Jesus broke the Bread of His Body and distributed it to His Apostles, He was setting the stage for how to celebrate Mass. However, throughout the following centuries, the church has had several [ keep reading ]

Censorship Robs Children of True Knowledge

During the mid 1970’s to early 1980’s, one of the most popular television shows was “Little House on the Prairie”. It was a family-friendly show that focused on life in the mid-west during the period after the civil war. It featured one main family who was loosely based on the series of books written by [ keep reading ]

Who Determines Fashion?

What is fashion? Who exactly determines it? Is fashion determined by designers, magazine editors or clothing buyers? Should fashion instead be determined by those of us who wear the clothes? I have never been on top of fashion trends. I always feel like I am two steps back and catch on to fashion as it [ keep reading ]

Confessions from a Chronically Late Mom and Tips on How to Be on Time

There seems to be two types of people in the world: those who are early and on time and those that are chronically late. I am the second type of person. Do I like being late? Absolutely not, but I have problems with being on time. There are times that I can manage being on [ keep reading ]

New School Year Is Opportunity for Renewal

In some parts of the country, the new school year has already commenced; while the rest of the children are preparing to return and enjoying the last dregs of summer vacation. Though many families may view the impending academic year with trepidation and a sign that the seasons are flying by too quickly, it may [ keep reading ]

How to Eat a Healthy Homemade Meal Despite Afterschool Activities

School is back in session and so are the after school activities. We now have two kids old enough to participate in after school sports and clubs which makes for a hectic weekday afternoon and evening. We do not go crazy with the afterschool activities, but three nights a week, the activities encroach on dinner [ keep reading ]

Considering Taking Little Kids to Disney? Here Are 5 Practical Tips

I am by no means an expert on all things Disney or their theme parks. We have been twice with kids under the age of two so I can offer some practical tips on what it is like to with littles. On our last trip to Disney, our two-year-old decided that she wanted to potty [ keep reading ]

Keto Versus Carbs: Which Diet Is Best for You?

You can’t go far in the dietary world nowadays without hearing about the keto diet. For the purpose of clarification, let’s get it straight right from the start that there’s a difference between ketoacidosis (a dangerous condition that affects diabetics) and ketosis, a metabolic state. That said, it can be quite frustrating trying to determine [ keep reading ]

A Nation Ravaged by Yellow Journalism

If you’re one of many in the U.S. who are tired of dirty politics, underhanded election campaigns and overall political corruption, you are definitely not alone in your struggle. Fake news has a lot to do with the problem. However, fake news isn’t something new. In fact, it began in the late 1800s when two [ keep reading ]

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