How Is Parenting a Dog and a Baby Similar?

My husband and I are about the smallest study sample there is, and I have not conducted any official study, but I truly believe that parenting a dog is a good introduction to parenting a human. My husband and I first became animal parents about seven months after we were married. Feeling domestic, I felt [ keep reading ]

Our Neighborhood Got a Behind the Scenes Look into the Movie First Man

A long awaited movie about the life of Neil Armstrong, the other astronauts and the NASA team that achieved the first landing on the moon is premiering in theaters on October 12. It is especially anticipated in our community, because parts of First Man were filmed in our neighborhood. What is it like to have [ keep reading ]

Raising a Boy Stinks—Literally!

I was the oldest of three girls growing up. My first child was a girl and for some reason assumed that my second child would be a girl as well. I was shocked when the ultrasound technician announced that were having a boy at 17 weeks. I knew there was a chance, but a boy [ keep reading ]

How Do We Explain the Tragedy and Impact of September 11th to Our Children?

For an easy fundraiser, a neighborhood Boy Scout troop places flags in our yards on patriotic days throughout the year, including September 11th. As we walked to the bus on September 11th, my 8-year-old naturally asked me why the flag was in our yard. As I tried break down the significance of the day to [ keep reading ]

Random Thoughts About Diets

I recently started a new diet. It is not far off from how I normally eat, but it is more balanced and ensures calorie restriction. I have learned to eat healthy as more of a lifestyle versus just occasional dieting over the years, but to lose some pounds, a strict meal plan must be followed. [ keep reading ]

Fair Skinned Freckled Beauties Unite! Freckles Are the New Trend!

Yesterday, I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned when my hygienist complimented me on my freckles stating that they were the most natural beautiful freckles. At almost 40, my freckles do not receive many compliments anymore except the occasional stated observation that I have a lot. Mine are currently very prominent since we [ keep reading ]

Is There Even Such a Thing as Clean Air, Anymore?

Man’s progress is a peculiar thing. While many inventions and advanced technology bring tremendous convenience and capabilities to our lives, there’s a definite downside to society’s industrial progression. We live in a toxic world now. In fact, studies show that most cancers are caused by things we breathe in, consume or topically apply to our [ keep reading ]

How to Survive Fall Football Season If You Do Not Love It

It is that time of year again. Posts are flooding my social media accounts for all things fall and football. Although I was raised by a father who had a passion for the University of Georgia football and spent most fall Saturdays watching the games, I did not grow up with the same passion. I [ keep reading ]

Is Choosing to Be a Stay-At-Home Mom Enough?

Growing up, I was raised to be a strong, independent hard working woman. I was told if I worked hard and respected those around me, I would likely be able to achieve whatever goals I made. Prior to having my first child I became a nurse and found much fulfillment in my role as a [ keep reading ]

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