Don’t Let On-Line Life Become First in Relationships

In today’s world, everything and everyone seems to be on-line. Everything from grocery and clothing shopping, to scheduling doctor appointments is done on the computer. While the convenience of doing so has been touted as a time and money saving way to conduct day-to-day tasks, it has also had a negative effect on many aspects [ keep reading ]

Michael: The Hurricane That Left Almost Nothing in Its Wake

If you were an adult in 1992, you likely remember the havoc wreaked in the United States by Hurricane Andrew. Not since that devastating event, has any tropical storm of such power hit land in the U.S., that is, until this past week. The Florida panhandle now lies in ruin in the near aftermath of [ keep reading ]

My Funniest Parenting Mistake

Parenting: It is a most rewarding yet challenging journey; isn’t it? My mother used to tell me to write things down that I wanted to remember about raising my kids because, sooner than I might imagine, a time would come when I would no longer be able to recall things. I used to assure her [ keep reading ]

Racing to Win: Sports in School Matter

As a homeschool mom of several children for 20 years, I never gave much thought to the importance of sports in regards to what my students needed to learn. While I made sure that they spent time engaged in physical activity and made the effort for them to get together with other homeschoolers from time [ keep reading ]

Exercise: Is Your Mind in Good Shape?

When is the last time you did some neurobics? If you read that and wondered what it means, don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone in your struggle. Neurobics is mental exercise. Many people focus on their bodies, their muscles, their cores, and their overall physical conditions without giving much thought to what kind of shape [ keep reading ]

Is Your Business Idea Worth a Go?

Have you been dreaming of starting your own business? Perhaps, you’ve been working in the 9 to 5 world (which likely often winds up being longer) and answering to a higher authority on the job for years. What you’ve really wanted for as long as you can remember is to be your own boss, to [ keep reading ]

Knowing, Without Understanding, Is Not Education

I have always taught my children that the main point of mathematics is to understand its concepts. In other words, it is more important to know how to arrive at an answer than it is to get a correct answer. Our ultimate goal in math is, of course, to get correct answers; however, if you [ keep reading ]

Three Awesome Life Hacks–You‘Re Welcome!

Do you reach the brink of insanity every year when you try to untangle your Christmas lights or do you have a box of electrical cords that look more like a scientific sketch of DNA material in a non-membrane bound organelle cell than anything even the slightest bit organized? If so, I’m about to make [ keep reading ]

Super Easy Way to Get a Probiotic Boost

Introducing microorganisms into your body for beneficial properties is the definition of probiotics. Probiotics, more specifically, are bacteria and yeasts that are healthy for you. When I first started making water kefir (a wonderful probiotic option) I taught my kids the basic science of the process and was met with numerous exclamations of how they [ keep reading ]

Confidence Is Beautiful

Have you ever met someone who seems comfortable in his or her own skin? As a teenager (and even as an adult) I have always been overly anxious about my looks and appearance. I went to high school with some wonderful people but also with a small group of really nasty girls who loved to [ keep reading ]

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