Cherokee Secretary of State Is Angry at Elizabeth Warren

A renowned geneticist recently published his assessment that Senator Elizabeth Warren appears to have native American blood in her. Whether or not the senator is part Cherokee has been the topic of raging debate in political gossip columns for weeks. Doctor Carlos Bustamante says the DNA test she took in order to trace her lineage [ keep reading ]

Where Has All the Classy Clothing Gone?

Every generation has its own fashion trends. Every era also includes groups who “do their own thing” so-to-speak, regarding fashion, perhaps ruffling the feathers of the more straight-laced segments of society. For instance, on the Frontier, strong-minded, active women pushed the envelope by ditching their cumbersome skirts and wearing the knicker-style work pants marketed toward [ keep reading ]

We Quit Cable, but We Still Watch Television

Years ago, we quit cable. At the time, we had an expensive cable plan through our local provider and a DVR system that recorded all the television programs that we missed when we were not at home. We found ourselves scheduling our precious time together to watch the shows we had recorded, and because they [ keep reading ]

Are You Hosting Friends and Family for the Holidays? Read This First.

Hosting friends and family for a holiday meal can be a lot of fun, but it can also be overwhelming. I grew up attending family holiday functions that would have as many as 40 adults and children attending. We have learned some tricks over the years to make it an enjoyable time for the host [ keep reading ]

Struggling In Your Marriage? You Aren’t Alone

Couples who are struggling to keep the marriage fresh may think there are too many problems to fix. There is often the temptation to use these issues as a scapegoat. One reason may be to avoid facing the bigger problems under the surface. There could be recurring problems that couples don’t see while they focus on the little irritations in [ keep reading ]

Why We Cherish Our Aging Rock Stars

From the time that the Beatles first hit the American shores, millions of music lovers have embraced the rock and roll genre. For so many fans, the 70’s and 80’s rock bands provided the sound track to their lives. Even within the rock category, there are an endless variety of bands that worked to find [ keep reading ]

Why Is Intolerance Still an Issue Today?

A few weeks ago, an armed man entered a house of worship for a close-knit Jewish community. When the gunfire ended, and the police secured the scene, there were almost a dozen innocent victims who were killed simply because of their religious beliefs. Along with the deceased, police officers were also injured in the carnage. [ keep reading ]

Why We Will Not Choose to Live in a Tiny Home

Like many, my husband and I are fascinated with the tiny home movement. My husband is especially fascinated because he would love to personally build a tiny home and use it to travel. I on the other hand am certain my marriage and relationship with my children would suffer tremendously. I have known for a [ keep reading ]

An Honest Review of Beachbody on Demand

I am writing this review not as a coach or someone who makes money for Beachbody On Demand, but purely as a customer. Whenever I look up different products and exercise programs to find more information, I sometimes find that reviews are written by people who could benefit from my purchase of a program or [ keep reading ]

When so Many Days Are Special Do They All Have to Involve Sugar?

It is my birthday this weekend. My husband is building me two sets of barn doors for our house for my birthday. In addition, I anticipate there will be cupcakes and ice cream. Why is it that almost every holiday or special day is celebrated with sugar? When we got married we had cake at [ keep reading ]

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