Have You Tried This Natural Skin Care Regimen?

My husband and I are in the midst of a bathroom remodel at our home. There is a lot of chaos and distraction as we try to get it done. He recently asked me in passing if I had given our 3-year-old daughter eye shadow to play with. Moments later I discovered both my daughter [ keep reading ]

How Much Money Do You Really Need to Buy a House?

If you are thinking about buying your first home this coming spring, associated home purchasing costs may come as a surprise to many buyers. Here are many of the costs that should be factored prior to purchasing a home: Down payment: Most home purchasers are aware of the down payments required to buy a home [ keep reading ]

Easy Ways to Fit Those Veggies in Your Daily Diet

Most eating plans that encourage healthy eating habits recommend multiple servings a day of vegetables and fruit, but it is often difficult to incorporate them into a busy schedule. Fruits are often the easier to incorporate, but vegetables can be much trickier.  Add vegetables into breakfast: While vegetables for breakfast are not typically included in [ keep reading ]

Are You a First Time Buyer Looking to Buy Your First Home?

Buying a home at any point in a person’s life can be overwhelming and intimidating. There are so many things to consider. Are the schools nearby rated well? How is the neighborhood? How far is the commute to work? Can you afford the mortgage payments and maintenance of the home? We are in the process [ keep reading ]

Is It the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

It is December and the Christmas songs are in full force. One of the most popular song sings “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” In so many ways it is the most wonderful time of the year. It is a time to create memories, a time to be with family, a time to [ keep reading ]

Do You Deck Your Halls Early or Late?

I’m fairly certain that most adult human beings have a knack for turning pretty much any sort of topic into debate. Some subjects definitely seem to incite more contention than others. A particularly controversial theme that typically arises around this time every year has to do with decorating for Christmas. The question is: When is [ keep reading ]

 What Are Your All-Time Favorite Movie Props?

We all have favorite movies. I happen to be one of those people who, when asked to name my favorite movie, has to answer that I can’t really answer if I am only allowed to say one title because I do not have a single, favorite movie; rather, there are many movies I consider my [ keep reading ]

The World Could Use Some More Old-Fashioned Parents

It is absolutely heart-wrenching to read the plethora of articles, social media posts, memes and other online material that shares stories of the woes the youths of today are experiencing. The suicide rate among young people has exponentially increased, just as cases of depression, self-harming incidents and violence against others have, as well. There’s a [ keep reading ]

Are Your Kids Dressed like You?

I enjoy people watching not to pass judgment on their choices, but I find people, their choices and different lifestyles very interesting. While some choices may not be what I would choose myself, I find it interesting to see how and why different choices suit other individuals. Fashion is one of the easiest choices we [ keep reading ]

This Is How to Prevent Big Box Stores from Blowing Your Budget

I used to joke with other moms about how hard it was to make a trip to big box stores like Sam’s Club and Costco for less than $200. In addition to big bulky items that I had to find places for in our home, one trip to Costco or Sam’s Club would ruin my [ keep reading ]

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