Addiction: Are You Obsessed with Your Cell Phone?

addiction, hands holding juice and cell phone

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of addiction? Do you think of drugs and alcohol? Perhaps pornography comes to mind. Maybe you think of sweets and how you have trouble resisting anything containing sugar. Chances are, you didn’t think of your cell phone. Maybe you should have because you [ keep reading ]

Broccoli Spilled on Atlanta Highway

To the delight of children and finicky eaters all over the southeast, a recent tractor-trailer crash resulted in the destruction of 40,000 pounds of broccoli. Over the years, Atlanta has seen several strange things dumped onto its roadways, including cows, chemicals, and even raw chicken. This time, it was the often-loathed cruciferous green vegetable that [ keep reading ]

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are NOT Having an Affair

The recent success of the movie “A Star is Born” has captivated audiences around the world. It’s the fourth version of a movie that originally debuted in 1937. The chemistry between the two lead characters, country singer Jackson and pop music newcomer Ally, amplified the tragic love story. (I won’t give too much more information [ keep reading ]

Which Personality Type Are You?

personality type

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a tool that enables us to see what personality type we are. This tool allows us to understand each other and ourselves better. Who were Myers-Briggs? Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers  were a mother-daughter team who had an exceptional ability to understand human nature. Their observations led them to create [ keep reading ]

3 Ways Running Prepares You for a Life of Success

Exercise is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. Of the many types of exercise, distance running is one of the best and most practical. A healthy lifestyle that includes a running routine can have astounding benefits, both physical and mental. Undoubtedly, one of the greatest things about running is its simplicity. All you need [ keep reading ]

Sew, I Learned a New Skill

I LOVE to craft. And I LOVE to learn new things. Marry the two and viola! I’m in Heaven *insert heart eyes emoji here*. I hope that soon, I won’t struggle with my energy levels. When I’m feeling better, I’d like to start exercising again…maybe take up running. For now, I work with what I’ve got, [ keep reading ]

Eat That Frog!!! A Lesson in Time Management

eat that frog

Eat that frog?? But why? And what does that have to do with time management??  Most of us are struggling. We’re overwhelmed with having too much stuff, going through big life changes, and just trying to figure out how to relax. Somewhere in there, we need to go through our daily routines. We have to [ keep reading ]

Meal Planning Basics Part 2: Breakfast & Lunch

Sometimes I forget what a loaded question, “Do you eat breakfast?” is. You get those who think it is the holy grail of weight loss. Others who insist that breakfast is actually the devil incarnate. To be honest, I don’t care who’s right. All I know is I turn into a growly, grumpy, will-eat-everything-in-sight monster [ keep reading ]

I Konmari-ed My House with Spark Joy!!

konmaried my house with spark joy

I did it– I Konmari-ed my house with Spark Joy! And boy, do I feel GREAT!! I mentioned previously that I’m not a die-hard Konmari acolyte. But I found the mesh between my original expert method of purging and Marie Kondo’s master level to be highly productive and satisfying. It didn’t come without some pain and almost-tears [ keep reading ]

Social Media and Perfect Selfies

I like a good selfie…with food, my kiddos, and especially my dogs. Just look at one of my perfect selfies! Isn’t that fur baby adorable? Who’s so pretty? Who’s a Sweet Girl? What a Pretty Baby…oh..*cough, cough*…back to writing about perfect selfies.   Selfies as we know them today just didn’t exist when I was [ keep reading ]

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