Amy Tallmadge

Amy Tallmadge

Researchers Able to Partially Revive Dead Pig Brains

People used to believe that a person died once the heart stopped beating. Science eventually changed that idea. Research showed that if the brain was still active, it was sometimes possible to get a person’s heart beating again. In the United States, the current criteria to determine death is the “irreversible cessation of circulatory and [ keep reading ]

What is Your Love Language?

If you’ve ever had the thought “I wish my partner understood me better,” maybe learning what your “love language” is could help you have a better relationship. The theory behind love languages is that there are five distinct ways of expressing and receiving love from someone, and that each of us prefers one of the [ keep reading ]

Move Over Potato Chips! Make Way for Chickpeas!

Confession: I love to snack. I wish I could eat chips, crackers, and other crunchy delights all the time! As I have aged, however, my body has become less forgiving of junk food. I’m always looking for things I can nosh on that won’t add inches to my waistline. It’s not always easy, though. Fresh [ keep reading ]

The Lazy Gal’s Guide to a Clean Home

There is nothing that feels better to me than a clean home. I can be a little obsessive about it. For those of you who watched “Friends”, picture Monica with blonde hair and you’ve got me! However, I have a little problem – a shortage of time and an abundance of laziness! I’m actually not [ keep reading ]

Listen Up, Joe Biden

The march towards the 2020 presidential election continues unabated. The field on the Democrats’ side seems to be widening every single day. It’s beginning to feel like every prominent member of that party is considering or has declared their intention to run for the highest office in the nation. To almost no one’s surprise, that [ keep reading ]

The Thyroid Club: Treatment for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Thyroid disorders seem to be all the rage these days. All the kids are doing it. Jokes aside, the journey to healing is different for every person. Just because your neighbor also has hypothyroidism doesn’t mean that your treatment will be exactly the same. Previously, we talked about the symptoms I experienced with my Hashimoto’s [ keep reading ]

Strategies for Dealing with Panic Attacks

Before I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (which you can read more about here), I struggled with my mental health. One of the most glaring examples of that was my propensity for panic attacks. Over seven years ago, I was planning my wedding and then had to adjust to life as a married person. Those [ keep reading ]

What I Wish I’d Known When I was Single

Last August, my husband and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. Before him, there were many, many…MANY dates. They ran the gamut – really great guys, really terrible guys, just okay guys, funny (pretty much always at least a little funny), and varying degrees of commitment. Some of those guys I was on again, off [ keep reading ]

You’re Putting on Your Makeup All Wrong

For years, I have struggled with makeup. I have tried different products, different brushes, and different brands. Until recently, I’ve never really been completely satisfied with my makeup routine. My blush never lasted, my eye makeup ALWAYS ended up under my eyes, and my dark circles could NEVER be hidden. As I approach my 40s, [ keep reading ]

The Thyroid Club: Symptoms of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

When I was 32, about a year after I got married, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis to be precise. I went to a doctor complaining of shortness of breath, but only after my husband had repeatedly prodded me to do so. I came out with a diagnosis I didn’t understand. The progression of [ keep reading ]

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