Amy Tallmadge

Amy Tallmadge

Where Do Wedding Traditions Come From?

The world is on lockdown and events of all kinds are getting canceled or postponed. One group people that are particularly sad about life grinding to a halt are brides- and grooms-to-be. While most vendors are being kind enough to offer refunds, couples still have to deal with the disappointment of not getting to have [ keep reading ]

Fun Things to Do While Stuck at Home

In the past, I’ve often thought to myself “If only the world could slow down for a little while!” A global pandemic was NOT the solution I had in mind. There is no downplaying how potentially serious this worldwide crisis is. Social distancing isn’t just for the introverted among us anymore – it’s a necessity [ keep reading ]

Stop Talking About my Gray Hair!

I am not aging well. By that I don’t mean that my appearance is showing my age (not too much anyway). But rather, I am struggling to accept some of the changes that naturally come with getting older. My eyesight is getting worse (I just increased the font for this article on my computer so [ keep reading ]

Avoid Scams Related to Coronavirus

Coronavirus is spreading across the United States, and the world, at a rapid pace. People are vulnerable, both physically and emotionally as we all try to deal with our “new normal”. Kids home from school, parents home from work, and nowhere to go means a lot of scrolling on the internet. The only thing that [ keep reading ]

I Gave Up Coffee and Soda for a Month

This year, I pledged to give up something every single month. January was social media (man, was that eye-opening). February brought a new challenge. I gave up coffee and soda for the entire month. So, how did it go? Am I now super human, one with the universe? Or did I crash and burn, ending [ keep reading ]

Why is Friday the 13th Unlucky?

Do you believe the number 13 is unlucky? How about Friday the 13th? There are two of those dates this year, and the first happens this month. But do you know exactly where the superstition comes from? Even if you do, you might wonder why this particular date still exerts any kind of hold over [ keep reading ]

Coronavirus: What’s Fact and What’s Fiction

For many years, scientists have been saying that humanity is overdue for a major pandemic. Maybe that’s why people are freaking out over Coronavirus, or COVID-19. Stores say that hand sanitizer is flying off the shelves and medical face masks are going for a pretty penny online. With all the media attention, it’s hard not [ keep reading ]

Should Parents Use Exercise as Punishment?

Should Parents Use Exercise For Punishment

Parenting is difficult. These days, not only do parents have to deal with the actual care and discipline of their children, but thanks to social media, they also have to contend with the judgement of other people regarding every choice they make. Who in the world could possibly parent 100% perfectly in those circumstances? Full [ keep reading ]

Stop the Madness: End Daylight Saving Time

I grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada. Twice a year, I had to do mental gymnastics to figure out when my favorite TV shows, generally broadcast from other parts of Canada and the US, would be on. Why? Because of Daylight Saving Time. Fast-forward to adulthood, when I moved to the US with my family, and [ keep reading ]

Making Nutrition Easier – the 5/20 Rule

Healthy eating. For all the fad diets out there, if you ask most medical professionals, they say the best choice is eating as healthfully as you can. That means emphasizing unprocessed food with plenty of fruits and veggies. But in the real world, we don’t always have time or money to get the healthiest choice [ keep reading ]

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