Amy Tallmadge

Amy Tallmadge

My Father’s Humor Prepared Me for His Death

My Dad died about two and a half months ago. He was 89 years old. Though I love my Dad dearly and miss him every single day, somehow, I’m a bit surprised – and even a little ashamed – that the loss of him hasn’t completely gutted me. I’ve worried that I’m not grieving him [ keep reading ]

Do Men Need to Ask a Father to Marry His Daughter?

I got engaged on my 30th birthday. My then-boyfriend, now husband, and I discussed getting married before then, so the proposal was a surprise, but not totally out of left field. That discussion only involved the two of us because, as fully grown adults, it directly affected only us. Some of you reading may think [ keep reading ]

When to Throw Away Makeup

Every makeup-wearing person has one. The drawer/shelf/closet where old makeup products go to die. If you’re like I used to be (somewhat still am…) you think “I can’t just throw this away! I might need this exact outrageous color of fuchsia at some point in the future!” And that lipstick gets stowed away until the [ keep reading ]

New Year’s Resolutions You Won’t Break

Can you believe 2020 is already underway? Seems like I’m still trying to catch up with my to-do list from 2019 (okay…2018)! If you haven’t made any New Year’s Resolutions yet, don’t stress. The holidays can be so hectic that it seems like the entire month of January is a time for everyone to regain [ keep reading ]

Why Action Movies are Good for the Movie Industry

This past year was a huge one for movies with wide appeal. Generally, that means movies that are action or family blockbusters, like “Avengers: Endgame”. Movie goers turned out in droves earlier this year to find out what happened to Iron Man, et al. (Don’t worry – I won’t post spoilers, just in case you [ keep reading ]

Repurpose Stale Food

Recently, I’ve been concerned about the amount of food that I waste. I grew up in a household where making use of everything was practically a sport. Though certain foods, like produce, meat, or dairy, are dangerous to consume when spoiled, that isn’t always the case. Some foods just get stale and aren’t as appetizing, [ keep reading ]

Holiday Fashion Made Easy

This time of year often means gathering people together. Maybe you and your spouse/partner are fortunate to have several holiday parties to attend, or maybe there’s just going to be a family get-together. That might mean several different outfits to figure out, or just one, stellar, “wow” ensemble that you can wear multiple places. But [ keep reading ]

Easy Ways to Exercise While You Travel

Many people will start an exercise plan as a New Year’s resolution. But maybe you want to get a jump on that and start a bit early. Or, maybe you’re an avid exerciser who is wondering how to get in a workout during the holidays. Now, I think it’s perfectly fine to not exercise/stop an [ keep reading ]

Easy Christmas Baking Ideas

One of my favorite things to gift at the holidays is baked goods. It’s often inexpensive and just takes time and patience. However, I’m not an amazing baker. You’d see me on “Nailed it” before you saw me on “Great British Bake-off”. I have a feeling there are a lot of folks like me, so [ keep reading ]

Christmas Decorating for Dummies

There always seems to be way too much on my to-do list during the holidays. The older I get, the more quickly the holidays seem to arrive. What’s worse, if I’m too busy, I get through the hustle and bustle and feel as though I didn’t really get to enjoy myself. One of the easiest [ keep reading ]

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