Amy Tallmadge

Amy Tallmadge

Should We Release Posthumous Music?

The deaths of our favorite entertainers are inevitable, unfortunately. In the digital age, especially with singers, there is often a mad rush to procure copies of an artist’s greatest works when they die. It seems strange to see this surge in popularity upon someone’s death. But it’s understandable – their passing sometimes makes the rest [ keep reading ]

Social Media is Ruining Entertainment – Part 3: Online Petitions

I didn’t think I’d be back to write a Part 3 for my series “Social Media is Ruining Entertainment.” I thought we covered everything when we learned why online reviews are hampering movies and TV shows. I figured that my complaints about “spoiler culture” and social media would be enough to satisfy all of us. [ keep reading ]

Should We Stop Pushing Kids to Attend College?

Student loan debt is out of control. Borrowers owe $1.6 trillion. The costs don’t show any signs of going down, either. Though the popular belief for many years now has always been that college is necessary to get a decent job, is that really the case? The outrageous debt that many people have to take [ keep reading ]

The New Travel Restrictions to Cuba

Last year, my husband and I decided to take a cruise to Cuba. Turns out, we may be part of a small portion of privileged US citizens who got to see this amazing country during the short window of time that Americans were permitted to travel there. Here’s what you should know about the new [ keep reading ]

Chalk it Up! Update Your Furniture with Chalk Paint

Pinterest is both amazing and awful. Amazing because I find all these gorgeous craft and household projects I want to do. Awful because I find all these gorgeous craft and household projects I want to to! 😉 One of my better efforts was using chalk paint on some old furniture. The process was simpler than [ keep reading ]

Taco Night Just Got Healthier and Easier!

My husband is probably sick of how often I make tacos. Mexican food in general is so amazing. You take the same few ingredients and mix them up in different ways, and it’s a whole new meal! I won’t pretend that the way I make tacos is authentic – I just don’t have that kind [ keep reading ]

How Can I Help Fight Climate Change?

When I was a kid, I remember learning about the hole in the ozone layer. Thirty-odd years later, I checked up on how well we humans have done at “repairing” it. Good news! Scientists are optimistic that ozone levels will make a complete recovery! What I remember about the ozone layer in the 80s was [ keep reading ]

A Snake Came Out of a Toilet and I CANNOT

When I was young, I heard an urban legend about a snake in a toilet. I don’t remember whether my older siblings told me the tale, or some neighborhood kids, but it was terrifying. Supposedly, some person in an apartment complex had a snake that crawled into the owner’s toilet. Inexplicably (but believably, to a [ keep reading ]

Social Media is Ruining Entertainment – Part Two: Spoiler Culture

In part one of our discussion, I talked about how online reviews, mostly posted and distributed via social media, are diminishing the joy of entertainment. Today, let’s look at another negative effect that the internet can have on movies and television. We’re gonna talk about how social media and spoiler culture are ruining entertainment. If, [ keep reading ]

Learning to Love my Natural Hair

I have always had a love-hate relationship with my hair. I think most women in the western world feel the same way. Around the time I was 13, I started waking up early to straighten my naturally-curly hair. I dutifully sectioned it and dried each area with the help of my blow dryer and round [ keep reading ]

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