Amy Tallmadge

Amy Tallmadge

Five Tips for Communication in a Marriage

Next week, my husband and I will celebrate eight years of marriage. If we were Hollywood superstars, that would be an eternity! I still see it as an achievement, even if we’re just regular people. When I sat down to write this piece, I asked my husband what his best marriage advice would be if [ keep reading ]

Headache Hacks, Part 1

As I sit typing this, I have just the slightest twinge of a leftover headache from yesterday evening. Being a fairly active person, headaches aren’t just painful – they completely kill my productivity. Since I am fortunate to not have them too often, when I get one, I generally take it as my body’s signal [ keep reading ]

Woman Lost Hands and Legs to Bacteria from her Puppy

People often claim that dogs’ mouths are cleaner than a human’s mouth. As much as we all love our devoted, furry companions, that simply isn’t true. Though most people don’t get sick when their dog licks them, there are those rare cases where a human can become seriously ill from canine saliva. One woman recently [ keep reading ]

The Gig Economy – is it Right for You?

This job I’m doing right now, as I write these words, is part of an emerging modern workforce. Around 57 million people in the United States and over 2 million in Canada are estimated to be part of the “gig economy.” If you aren’t familiar with the term, this is a portion of the labor [ keep reading ]

Why I Stopped Drinking Soda (Yes, Even Diet Soda)

I did something this week that I’ve done at several points in my life. I stopped drinking soda – or “pop” as I used to call it when I lived in Canada. For the last few years, I haven’t been drinking what I would say is too much of the stuff. I can’t remember the [ keep reading ]

Fashion Trends I Will Regret When I’m 80

My school photo circa 1993 is awful. Back then, I was trying really hard to achieve the curled, backcombed, hairsprayed bangs that most girls sported in the late eighties and early nineties. I only succeeded in making it look like there was a giant piece of poo on top of my head. I’m not joking. [ keep reading ]

Why Do We Humans Name EVERYTHING?

Do you have a name for your car? I do – her (yes, “her”) name is Kari, pronounced “CAR-ee”. Get it? I gave Kari the same name as the woman who sold her to me. I know I’m not the only person who does this kind of thing, though I might be the only person [ keep reading ]

Why Do Women LOVE True Crime?

It all started, when I was a kid, with “Unsolved Mysteries”. If you aren’t familiar, it was a TV show in the eighties and nineties that profiled cold cases and paranormal stories. I was obsessed with all the frightening tales highlighted on the show. My brother and sister, to this day, still mock me for [ keep reading ]

Body Hair Removal: Beauty Necessity or Modern Torture?

I still remember the first time I shaved my legs. I think I was around 13 years old. I’d been BEGGING my mother to let me do it. I was an awkward and unpopular teenager, so I was desperate to fit in with the other girls my age. I decided that body hair removal was [ keep reading ]

Why I Don’t Have Kids

I am 38 years old, married, with no children. I chose not to have any. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t hate kids – in fact, I adore them. I’m not sure why people care so much that I don’t have any. I have literally had cashiers in stores (yes, plural) ask why I don’t. [ keep reading ]

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