Angela Mose

Angela Mose

Fascination with Darkness is No Joke

Darkness is no joke

Maybe it’s ironic that I am writing this in the month dedicated to all things dark and scary. It could be that my thoughts turned to this topic based on the fact that Halloween is so beloved in this country. Or maybe, its because I don’t understand the attraction people have to being scared. In [ keep reading ]

Trust me, you really will miss this

You really will miss this

A few years ago, okay, maybe more than a few, Country singer Trace Adkins came out with another hit song. Unlike some of his more rowdy tunes, this one spoke about real life challenges of growing up and raising a family. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day struggles when children are [ keep reading ]

It’s Better to be Lions Not Lemmings

Be lions not lemmings

In today’s society, speaking out against the trends is not a way to win popularity. If you wish to fit in, its better to either keep or peace or go with the flow. But what if the flow carries you right off the cliff? I think, if that is my choice, its preferable to be [ keep reading ]

Through pets, love brings pain and healing

Love brings pain and healing

Life has taught me many lessons over my lifetime. The most deeply embedded one is that love brings pain and healing. There are so many reasons that this powerful emotion can cause so much grief, joy and sadness — sometimes all at once. Earlier this year, I shared our experience about adopting our beloved Simon [ keep reading ]

The political system needs reform

Every day, the news is full of stories about the latest government scandal. It depends on the source, but according to the media, both sides can be considered a disgrace. Its obvious the system is terribly broken. In would seem it’s time for significant change. The political system needs reform. Politics do matter Many believe [ keep reading ]

Judge Not: So much easier to say

Judge not; easier to say

The Bible contains many pearls of wisdom for living a God-centered life. Unfortunately, over time, many of the verses have been twisted to fit our own perspective and purposes. One of the most often-quoted is from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 7, Verses 1 and 2: Judge not least ye be judged. Though there are [ keep reading ]

Why are we escaping from reality?

Escaping from reality

Everywhere we go, we are bombarded with advertising that claims a product is more ‘real’ than previous versions. We all know it isn’t true, or else they wouldn’t use that as a selling point. After all, if we wanted ‘real’ taste or texture, we would probably have made it ourselves. But it leads me to [ keep reading ]

The Good Don’t Live Long Enough

The good don't live long enough

A while back, I wrote the first article about losing talented musicians too soon. In the second of that series, I need to clarify that soon is a relative term. When it comes to the music that moves me — and so many others — life itself is too short. It’s not always a matter [ keep reading ]

The Customer is Always Right? Not Anymore

Dying customer service

Ever walk around a store aimlessly looking for a sale associate? Maybe you needed assistance reaching an item, or had a question about a product? Good luck finding anyone willing to go that extra step for you. As for that old adage, the customer is always right? Not anymore, in most places. Customer Service? What’s [ keep reading ]

Fall means pumpkin spice time, right?

Fall means pumpkin spice

As soon as August gives way to Labor Day, thoughts turn to that certain ubiquitous fall favorite. After all, Fall means pumpkin spice time, right? But, wait, isn’t fall more than certain flavored treats? When I was a kid, fall was more about the changing of the seasons and the coming of the holiday seasons. [ keep reading ]

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