Angela Mose

Angela Mose

What Makes a Mother a Mom?

What makes a mom?

As the nation marks another official Mother’s Day, there are many who took time to celebrate this commercial holiday. While Mother’s Day has only been a formally recognized holiday since 1914, obviously, mothers have been around since the beginning of time. But outside of the biological facts, what makes a mother a mom? Motherhood is [ keep reading ]

Music is Both Beauty and Power

Music is Beauty and Power

There are many things that work to unite us. Unfortunately, there are often even more things that divide us. In our current society, almost any topic can create division. Happily, there is one thing in life that can draw many of us together, if we allow it. There is truly a universal language. Music is both [ keep reading ]

We Need to Practice; Don’t Preach

Children learn by watching and doing. If we want to show others what is important to us, we practice and don’t preach. With the conclusion of the Holy Triduum in the Catholic church, Christians are celebrating several weeks of Easter Time. Now that the season of Lent is over, many think that the burden of [ keep reading ]

Saving Simon Meant Rescuing love

There are few things more rewarding in life than finding or rescuing love. We find it in so many ways in life, in our partners, in our children and in our friendships. People seek it in their faith and in activities. One of the most rewarding places to find this gift is in rescuing love. I [ keep reading ]

We Are Living In a Sound Bite Society

The old saying about living and dying by the sword has different twists, but similar meanings. In days past, it meant that those who use violence to win a victory will likely die violently. Nowadays, it conveys the message that there is no escaping justice. So, why would I apply this expression to our current sound [ keep reading ]

Gifted Musicians Who Were Lost Too Soon

Billy Joel’s song, “Only the Good Die Young” is a light-hearted call for a young woman to lighten up and join the party. It’s a song that points out that life is short and should be enjoyed. While the expression has been around for ages, at times, it is eerily true. From this writer’s perspective, too many gifted musicians burned out much too soon. In the next [ keep reading ]

Depression and Relationships: An Inside Story

Part 1: “What is your problem?” “There isn’t any reason for you to be sad”. “Just snap out of it already.” “You would feel better if you just tried.” These are all statements that most depression sufferers have heard from their significant others. Unfortunately, all these statements do is compound the problem, because now there [ keep reading ]

What Price Will We Pay for a Legal High?

At this time, several more states are taking up the issue of whether they should legalize marijuana for the average user. Several states have already legalized the medical use of this drug and a handful has made it legal for recreational users as well. Other states have taken the step of de-criminalizing the use of [ keep reading ]

Struggling In Your Marriage? You Aren’t Alone

Couples who are struggling to keep the marriage fresh may think there are too many problems to fix. There is often the temptation to use these issues as a scapegoat. One reason may be to avoid facing the bigger problems under the surface. There could be recurring problems that couples don’t see while they focus on the little irritations in [ keep reading ]

Why We Cherish Our Aging Rock Stars

From the time that the Beatles first hit the American shores, millions of music lovers have embraced the rock and roll genre. For so many fans, the 70’s and 80’s rock bands provided the sound track to their lives. Even within the rock category, there are an endless variety of bands that worked to find [ keep reading ]

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