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Consumer debt: Balances on credit cards set to hit near-record highs

consumer debt, girl holding credit card with laptop

At the end of 2019, Americans had racked up about $14 trillion in credit card debt. Let’s say that again with appropriate emphasis: FOURTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS! It’s an unfathomable figure, especially when you consider that the same tally was less than $1 trillion at the end of 2016. At the time, that single measly trillion [ keep reading ]

Investing in startups may be trendy, but is it right for you?

investing in startups, dollar bills

The power of the small startup business is perhaps stronger than ever before. Many startups in Georgia owe their success to the backing of devoted investors who believe in their business models. While investing in a small business or fledgling startup can be quite rewarding, it is not without its risks. Startups generally have two [ keep reading ]

Freaky Good Filipino Dessert

I have been sick with the flu for nearly a week and now that I’m FINALLY starting to heal and my appetite is coming back, I’m surprised to find that I want a yummy Filipino dessert. Actually, Filipinos consider it an afternoon snack, but it’s so good it tastes like dessert to me. It’s warm, [ keep reading ]

Noteworthy: Nutritionist and Author Ann Louise Gittleman

As a nutrition and health care professional, I hold Ann Louise Gittleman in high regard. Her career as a health and nutrition pioneer spans more than 3 decades. Her wealth of knowledge and healing wisdom has revolutionized the way my colleagues and I approach nutrition. I was honored to sit down with her and discuss [ keep reading ]

Just the Messenger

Working at Starbucks has provided me with a variety of experiences in talking to and building relationships with a variety of people. Every person who walks in the doors or pulls through the drive thru has a unique story. Unfortunately, this is something that is easily forgotten when a challenging customer creates, well, a challenge. [ keep reading ]

A Day in the Life of a Teacher…Continued

The school year is well under way and I wake up each morning to greet the 20 faces that I call my children. Each and Every one of them has become more than a student; I have given 20 children a piece of my heart as we come together to learn and grow. Monday through [ keep reading ]

The Seat of Complacency

While I was home for the holidays, something came to my attention. I was attending a church service in which the worship team began singing, as the congregation remained seated. This is something that I’ve seen before, but this time something struck me. A man chose to stand during the song, leading many to do [ keep reading ]

A Day in the Life of a Teacher

Alarm clock goes off- it’s 5:15 in the morning and another day has begun. The morning routine begins: brushing teeth and hair, washing the face, putting on make-up. Lunch made the night before, I make my coffee, grab some breakfast for later, and head out the door. I arrive at my elementary school 45 minutes [ keep reading ]

It’s a Big World After All

As I approach the end of my collegiate career, I am already considering what other avenues I can take to further my education. Finals week has come and gone and with it the relief of making it through another semester. While I would not say that I am ready to push straight into a full-time [ keep reading ]

Just You and Me & God

Relationships are a beautiful thing. Friendships, families, and dating relationships can give you a sense of belonging, a feeling of purpose, and an overall joy. I have been blessed to grow up in a loving family, be surrounded by amazing friends, and find myself with the most kind-hearted boyfriend there could be. These are the [ keep reading ]

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