Caroline Rock

Caroline Rock

Caroline lives in Maryland with her husband, Boris the cat and Harpo the dog. She loves finger painting and reading books with her six grandkids, and she takes long walks to think about all the other things she should be doing. Her writing has appeared in St. Anthony Messenger magazine and Catholic Digest.

All the World is Irish in March

Irish, woman waving wearing green hat and jacket

My family raised me to believe I was Irish. My grandmother taught us to root for Notre Dame, we listened to Bing Crosby, and we knew all the words to “The Unicorn Song.” Keller is my maiden name, and my father insists the name derives from the Irish “Kelleher.” This plus my great-grandmother’s Fitzgerald surname [ keep reading ]

Can Facebook members find missing man?

missing man, man in cap walking toward haze

A man is missing in my town. He is elderly, in his 70s, and he has Parkinson’s. I’m not sure of the particulars, but apparently Steve became upset and confused. On February 12, he wandered away from the house where he lives with his son. It was unusually warm that week for a Maryland February. [ keep reading ]

10 offers your husband can’t refuse

offers your husband can't refuse, bearded man with glasses

My husband has been feeling terrible for days. He never complains, but I see him dragging himself out of bed each morning and wrapping in afghans on the couch in the evenings. I hear him shaking ibuprofen from the pill bottle before he leaves for work. I feel the warmth of his cheek when I [ keep reading ]

What will make you eat your fruits and vegetables?

fruits and vegetables, hand pouring oil over broccoli

Now that you are adults, you don’t have to hide your peas in the mashed potatoes or fly green beans to your mouths on airplane forks. You can just eat. However, it seems that many of you are not being good little girls and boys and eating what is good for you. It’s hard to [ keep reading ]

Recycling is a lie

recycling, garbage heap by home

Do you recycle? Maybe you separate your metal, paper, and plastics into separate bins or toss them into one large can. You may even carefully rinse your cans to avoid the smell. Bet you feel good about yourself. Bet you feel like are doing your part by recycling. Do you watch TV shows or YouTube [ keep reading ]

Reasons we love clickbait, and you won’t believe #6!

clickbait, man and cat in front of computer

I confess: I love clickbait. I need to know the secret Donny Osmond just revealed and why some girl’s fiancé was furious when he saw “this” photo of his bride-to-be. The woman who just adopted two children? Who would not want to know the bombshell discovery she made? What is the one weird trick that [ keep reading ]

No poo in my hair

no poo, smiling woman hair over face

Shampoo, that is. I know it sounds crazy, and believe me, I was skeptical, too. But I was becoming more and more frustrated with the money I was spending on hair products. I came across the no poo method when searching for yet another solution to my hair issues and decided to give it a [ keep reading ]

Lent and fasting: What are you giving up?

fasting, woman with ash cross

I have to smile when people tell me they have “discovered” fasting. Like it was ever lost? Fasting is an ancient practice dating back to Moses or perhaps earlier. It is nothing new. Many people practice it regularly for their spiritual health more than their physical health. In fact, fasting is on the minds of [ keep reading ]

I hear the Queen has a senior royal job opening

senior royal, white crown floating

Dear Queen Elizabeth II, I respectfully apply for the senior royal job recently vacated at your company. I believe you will find that I meet and exceed the qualifications for the position. In fact, I feel confident that I can competently handle the work of both open positions, Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Qualifications The [ keep reading ]

February is a little more interesting in a leap year

leap year, february in scrabble letters

Okay, lazies, you can’t drop the “R” in Feb-RU-ary. It’s not pronounced FebYOUary, like JanYOUary. Just want to get that out of the way. Some may see the extra “R” as too complicated to pronounce, but it is part of the charm of the month. Even more charming this year is that it is a [ keep reading ]

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