Caroline Rock

Caroline Rock

Caroline lives in Maryland with her husband, Boris the cat and Harpo the dog. She loves finger painting and reading books with her six grandkids, and she takes long walks to think about all the other things she should be doing. Her writing has appeared in St. Anthony Messenger magazine and Catholic Digest.

Bible verses on my grandfather’s knee

bible verses, black bible with brown rosary

My grandfather was a self-appointed Baptist preacher who had little more than a third grade education. Practically illiterate, Papaw derived his theology mostly from Bible verses he had memorized and from the texts of many well-beloved hymns. Unfortunately, this often meant he used Scripture verses out of context and not always in a kind way. [ keep reading ]

When one door closes, another restaurant opens

restaurant, closed sign

Noralli’s is gone. Not Noralli’s Pizza, but Noralli’s Pizza and Subs, which took over the space when Noralli’s Pizza closed. The restaurant occupied a tiny storefront on the lonely east end of a dying shopping plaza. Once there was a thriving grocery store right in the center of this plaza, and I was quite disappointed [ keep reading ]

There is no Mrs. Santa Claus (Spoiler alert)

mrs. santa claus, santa talking to women

Apologies first to all fans of The Santa Clause II, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer and other holiday favorites. However, if you are the kind who likes your Christmas traditions to have some element of truth, the character of Mrs. Santa Claus in these movies may make you feel uncomfortable. [ keep reading ]

Advent: Don’t rush the wait

wait, manger scene

I am not a patient person, and I don’t like to wait. I walk fast, read fast, even eat fast. Sometimes this is a gift, and I am able to accomplish more than most. Other times, however, I miss something very important. The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are a perfect opportunity to get caught [ keep reading ]

Does anyone benefit from Black Friday?

black friday, crowded shopping mall

I have never participated in Black Friday. At least as a customer. When I worked retail, Black Friday was exciting and fast-paced. The time went quickly, and most of the customers were already full of holiday spirit, which made it fun. They didn’t seem to mind the lines winding through the store as long as [ keep reading ]

In an apartment, pulling your shades is not enough

apartment, stairs and door with sunshine

We are on the second floor of a three-story walkup, so we have people living above, below and on two sides of us. Apartment living is not a new thing to us, and given the choice between owning a house with all its responsibilities and expenses and paying rent for someone else to handle those [ keep reading ]

Ginger Pye: a read-aloud and a recipe

Ginger Pye, yellow puppy in grass

I can’t tell you how many times I have read Eleanor Estes’s Ginger Pye. You may know Ms. Estes as the author of The Moffats series and about a dozen other children’s books, but Ginger Pye is the best by far, in my humble opinion. It makes a wonderful read-aloud for children of all ages. [ keep reading ]

Is the kids’ table a thing of Thanksgivings past?

kids'table, family having crazy dinner

Thanksgiving is only a short time off, and that means many of you are planning your meals, shopping for food, and inviting your families. What about the kids? Are you having a kids’ table this year, or will the munchkins be sitting among the grown-ups? When I was growing up, which was decades ago, the [ keep reading ]

If a rat can drive a car, why can’t we?

drive a car, dog sitting in yellow car

Scientists at the University of Richmond Virginia recently revealed that they have successfully taught a rat to drive a car. (This came as no surprise to me since my ex-boyfriend drove a car when he would come to pick me up.) The rodent experiment comes about 7 years after New Zealand researchers trained a dog [ keep reading ]

Three cheers for banning applause

applause, graduation cheers with confetti

Clapping and cheering are signs of appreciation. However, applause also feeds a mob mentality. Case in point: I remember attending a high school spring musical production that was painful to watch. It was not a matter of the students being young and inexperienced on the stage. Rather, they simply did not care that they were [ keep reading ]

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