Jessica Dyer

Jessica Dyer

Jessica loves living in the mountains of East Tennessee and enjoys gardening and taking care of her chickens. She also loves reading, sewing, and learning other languages. She currently runs an Etsy shop, homeschools her two daughters, and writes regularly. With an education in psychology and sociology, she has previously worked as a college instructor and a youth counselor.

A Pandemic of Grocery Store Greed: COVID-19 brings out our selfishness

nearly empty grocery store shelves

I had to go to the grocery store today. Given the current state of things, I felt like I was gearing up to enter a battle zone as I walked in. I had tried to stay away, but my mother needed bread. So I went to the war-torn land currently known as Food City. I [ keep reading ]

It’s Okay to Say No (When You Really Want To)

neon sign of the word no

Lately, my youngest daughter, who is five, is on a daily mission to make me breakfast. Naturally, I want to encourage her tendency to be helpful and kind, so I don’t say no. Instead, I usually thank her profusely and then eat said breakfast while she delightfully watches my every bite. The problem here is [ keep reading ]

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