Mari Serfontein

Mari Serfontein

Optimize Your Freezer and Save (Part 1)

optimize your freezer and save

With escalating food prices, who is not looking for ways to save money? Preserving all kinds of produce in jars has become the in-thing. However, you can optimize your freezer and save. Our lives are rushed, but my freezer has become my BFF,  and I am saving time and money. Ordering in and eating out [ keep reading ]

I Take My Hat Off To 21st Century Parents

teenage dating slang, kids' legs dangling

As we get older, we adjust and roll with the rapidly changing world without making a fuss about it. It was when my kids were all grown up and busy building their careers and families that my life became calmer. Then I could sit back and contemplate the fruits of my labor. My nostalgia took [ keep reading ]

About Lucid Dreams, Parrots and Seahorses

Even learning more about lucid dreams still leaves me perplexed. In a recent dream, I accidentally opened the door of my washing machine halfway through the cycle. It was like a broken dam wall. Along with masses of water flooding my kitchen came a brightly feathered parrot and a giant seahorse. I have had questions [ keep reading ]

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