Tylie Eaves

Tylie Eaves

Ten Moves to Business Success — Part Two

The next move you should make in the chess game of business success is the effort to STOP leveraging time for money. I covered this in my book 6FPP and I’m currently developing an entire training series around this concept. Let’s be real, if your income is based entirely upon your personal ability to leverage [ keep reading ]

Ten Moves To Business Success – Part One

There is a list of things that I believe are the top traits/actions/habits/practices of successful business people. Over the course of the next ten weeks, on each Friday, I’ll be sharing these ‘moves’ with you. How you apply this information is up to you – but I highly recommend you choose to be truly introspective. [ keep reading ]

Announcing “HotMess Press Business Pages”

Tylie Eaves, our editor-in-chief, who also happens to be the owner and CEO of Virtue Marketing LLC, and the creator of the Purpose & Profits Club will be writing a weekly business column for HotMess Press! Her column will be published every Friday, starting June 5, and will provide powerful insight into the world of [ keep reading ]

The Tess Holiday Controversy – I Will Probably Get Hate Mail for This

I’ve been watching the uproar over Tess Holliday and I’m trying to be objective and unbiased. Let me start by saying, Tess Holliday (Ryan Hoven) is stunning. She’s beautiful. She really is — and I am NOT trying to shame her for feeling comfortable in her skin. As one of the most physically self-conscious women [ keep reading ]

The “MeTube” Generation – Sometimes I Disgust Myself

We make people famous for being idiots. Sometimes I am downright ashamed at myself for contributing to the impending idiocracy of humanity. I find myself watching YouTube on a semi-regular basis, usually at the behest of a random post on social media. I get sucked into the rampant displays of human ignorance and I either [ keep reading ]

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