Party Favors: Do We Really Need Them?

Recently, I casually mentioned a child’s birthday party around my 82-year-old grandfather. Following the story, he informed me that he did not have birthday parties growing up. Not only was it not common to have large birthday parties, but his parents likely could not afford the luxury. Party favors were definitely not a consideration. Fast [ keep reading ]

We Are Living In a Sound Bite Society

The old saying about living and dying by the sword has different twists, but similar meanings. In days past, it meant that those who use violence to win a victory will likely die violently. Nowadays, it conveys the message that there is no escaping justice. So, why would I apply this expression to our current sound [ keep reading ]

Prophet — A Novella — Vol. 4

“I’m headed toward Townsend. It’s the nearest town with good food and a hotel. Does that work for you?”  Brent glanced in Gabe’s direction but kept his grip firmly on the steering wheel. Though the rain had slowed to more of a thick mist, Brent’s stress level behind the wheel held at a steady monsoon-level. [ keep reading ]

Prophet — A Novella — Vol. 3

Brent watched the man slowly rise from his crouched position; rise, and rise, and rise still more. He knew his mouth was hanging open, but he couldn’t stop staring. The man was nothing short of a Colossus. The man chuckled at the sight of Brent’s face and Brent immediately feigned nonchalance. “It’s okay,” the man’s [ keep reading ]

Prophet — A Novella — Vol. 2

“It’s too big to be a trash bag,” Brent thought, conceding that it did look like a trash bag, sort of. As he squinted into the pouring rain through his windshield, a battle between fear and curiosity raged within him.  “This is stupid,” he finally said. “I’m getting out,” he spoke aloud, curtly this time, [ keep reading ]

Prophet – A Novella – Vol. 1

Rain fell ferociously from the sky in thick sheets of liquid glass; individual drops mauled the windshield of Brent’s decidedly un-pimp 1992 Toyota Corolla like deadly strikes from a wild beast, leaving jagged streaks of moisture in their wake. Instinctively, he hunched over his steering wheel in a fruitless attempt to improve his visibility. He [ keep reading ]

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