The Sometimes Dangerous Power of Nostalgia

Spoiler alert: Your childhood probably wasn’t as great as you remember. Even if it was, that doesn’t make it better than the childhoods that today’s kids are enjoying. Disagree with me? That’s because the power of nostalgia is a funny little thing. Nostalgia lets you look back on your past and get a warm, fuzzy [ keep reading ]

About Lucid Dreams, Parrots and Seahorses

Even learning more about lucid dreams still leaves me perplexed. In a recent dream, I accidentally opened the door of my washing machine halfway through the cycle. It was like a broken dam wall. Along with masses of water flooding my kitchen came a brightly feathered parrot and a giant seahorse. I have had questions [ keep reading ]

Must-Read Books for Personal Development


“Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.” – Jim Rohn Who doesn’t want a better life? To improve your life or your situation, you must improve yourself. A journey of personal development will not only make you a better [ keep reading ]

Family Fun Ideas: Make the Most of Summer’s End

family fun ideas, dad and daughter dancing

Is it just me or does the passing of summer seem to pick up speed every year? You know summer break is about to end when thoughts start filling your head about school supply lists, as well as carpools or homeschool lesson plans. If you suddenly feel a need to scroll Pinterest or to Google [ keep reading ]

Think Doctors and Nurses Aren’t Impacted by Death? Think Again.

Doctor’s offices and hospitals can be cold, sterile and uncomfortable places. Doctors and nurses can also come across cold and uncaring. Would you be surprised to know that the coldness may be from caring too much? It may be surprising to learn that doctors and nurses may grieve the death of a patient. Sometimes a [ keep reading ]

The Details of Our Master Bathroom Renovation

In a recent post, I discussed all the phases of our master bathroom renovation. It included before pictures, a first phase renovation, and a complete renovation of our master bathroom. In case you are considering your own master bath reno, here is a breakdown of our renovation. Shiplap We knew pretty quickly that we were [ keep reading ]

Can You Buy a Home Before Selling Your Current Home?

When we bought our second home, we assumed the only way to buy a home was to sell the home we were living in. We noticed that a lot of sellers move into their new homes before selling their other homes and were curious about how people financially did it. This past year, we bought [ keep reading ]

Want to Be a Nurse? 3 Reasons Why You Should

Thinking about becoming a nurse? It is an incredible field to begin a career with a multitude of opportunities. Opportunities There are many ways to work as a nurse. The majority of jobs do include patient care in a hospital or a doctor’s office. Although patient care is the majority of work, there are many [ keep reading ]

Fall Fiction Books for the Whole Family

Reading is not so much an act as it is a journey. A journey across pages and characters and cities and lands that we never even dreamed existed. Pouring ourselves into the chapters of a novel stretches and grows our imagination and appetite for more and more words. With new fall fiction books hitting the [ keep reading ]

Summer Recipes: Crowd Pleasers Found on the Web

Summer is in full swing and it is prime time for cookouts, family get-togethers and other parties. Nothing makes me happier than to have people gobble up any of my favorite summer recipes. It also feels like a complete waste of time, money and food when I make something that is barely eaten. Over time, [ keep reading ]

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