Should Biological Males Compete as Females?

males compete as females, feet at starting line

The world of track and field is immersed in controversy regarding transgender and intersex athletes competing as female runners. The two issues are slightly different; yet, the base questions when males compete as females remain the same. I believe such issues will continue to proliferate in the coming years. We can’t deny that every human [ keep reading ]

Training Wheels: Should They Be Avoided to Ride a Bike?

My husband and I have three kids. We should have had more because, by our third kid, we are just starting to get the hang of all things kids. The most recent parental task that we have determined to be easier the more practice we have, is getting our kids to ride a bike without [ keep reading ]

Exterior Home Maintenance: Important Not to Forget

Owning a home and property is the American dream. Owners soon realize that houses require significant maintenance. Whether your home is old or new, every home will require some maintenance. Some of the easiest to neglect and forget about are any exterior home maintenance. Caulk Some of the least exciting exterior home maintenance to complete [ keep reading ]

Father’s Day Letters: A Good Gift for Dad

Today we stop and remember, honor, spend time and express our love to our fathers on Father’s Day. Fathers are likely receiving gifts, cards or special meals all around the country. It is often difficult to buy my father a gift. I imagine my father is much like many other men. He is at the [ keep reading ]

Should We Stop Pushing Kids to Attend College?

Student loan debt is out of control. Borrowers owe $1.6 trillion. The costs don’t show any signs of going down, either. Though the popular belief for many years now has always been that college is necessary to get a decent job, is that really the case? The outrageous debt that many people have to take [ keep reading ]

A Love Letter to the Humble Summer Popsicle

I’m probably one of the moms you find annoying during the school year. I try and pack my kids traditionally “healthy” lunches and snacks, heavy on fruits, always includes veggies, but also throw in a fun treat that they really want. Sometimes it’s a bag of chips or a dessert, but always as an addition [ keep reading ]

Creative Party Favors That May Not Go to Waste

I recently lamented on the waste of money party favors may be. In addition to possibly being a waste of money, party favors may also become waste in our landfills. Most party favors are cheap plastic that easily breaks or does not hold a child’s attention long. If you cannot forgo the social norms and [ keep reading ]

Party Favors: Do We Really Need Them?

Recently, I casually mentioned a child’s birthday party around my 82-year-old grandfather. Following the story, he informed me that he did not have birthday parties growing up. Not only was it not common to have large birthday parties, but his parents likely could not afford the luxury. Party favors were definitely not a consideration. Fast [ keep reading ]

Go Bananas: Why You Should Eat a Banana Every Day

It goes without saying that including fruit in your diet is always a good idea. These days, we’re always on the go so it can be tough to incorporate fruit in your daily diet. I mean, who has time to sit and peel an orange, cut up a watermelon or wash down a batch of [ keep reading ]

I Started the Whole30 and Quit 10 Days Later

It was not all that long ago that I posted about my 2nd round of the Whole30. I had completed the food elimination diet two years ago with great success. On my first round of Whole30, I completed more than 30 days of the food elimination diet. On completion, I had lost approximately 10 pounds [ keep reading ]

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