Need Ideas for Summer Activities? Read This

Summer is rapidly approaching. If you have any school age kids, you have likely been reminded of this fact since spring began to emerge. Working and stay-at-home parents are likely fretting over summer activities as I type this post. While kids need to learn to entertain themselves, it is helpful to have activities planned throughout [ keep reading ]

Egg Recipes: My Favorites for Lunch and Snacks

Several years ago I had several tests run and completed and a 21-day food elimination diet to determine any food allergens. One of my biggest fears was that they would tell me that I was allergic to eggs. I love eggs. Although the tests did not reveal that I had any food sensitivities to eggs, [ keep reading ]

Breakfast Egg Recipes: My Favorites

As stated in a previous post, I love eggs. Eggs are inexpensive and a good source of healthy protein. I especially love eggs for breakfast and here are some of my favorite easy breakfast egg recipes. Omelets Once upon a time, I thought to make an omelet was a long task and not doable for [ keep reading ]

3 Ways to Keep Produce Fresh

I know spring is coming the moment that nectarines start showing up in the grocery store produce section. From a wider selection at the grocery store to farmers markets I stay stocked up on berries and seasonal produce and everything else I can get my hands on. The only problem with produce? It tends to [ keep reading ]

Family-Friendly Movies Part 1: Oldies but Goodies

Family-friendly movies, popcorn

If you’re a parent, you have a busy life — no doubt about it. More and more parents nowadays, however, are longing for less busyness and more family time. Going to the movies is quite expensive for most families. If you typically have six to eight people with you like I do, it can run [ keep reading ]

Painted Tile Floors: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

There’s a hot new DIY trend floating around Instagram and Pinterest: painted ceramic tile floors! I recently tapped into this trend by painting our basement bathroom tile floors. Here’s my experience.   Why Painted Tile Floors? The sink, vanity and toilet were in need of a replacement for the bathroom to be usable. We had [ keep reading ]

A Homeowner’s Experience with Carbon Fibers

When viewing the home we currently own for the first time, my realtor and I could not believe it had not sold. It had been overpriced for months considering the work it required, but it had really good bones. It checked off multiple wishlist boxes. When we saw the unfinished basement room, we understood the [ keep reading ]

4 Tips to Battle Symptoms of Pollen Season

Spring has sprung. In the south, we may not have much of a winter, but we always have pollen season. We are currently in the thick of heavy yellow thick pollen. Weathermen and women are reporting daily pollen counts along with the temperatures. The pollen changes the color of our vehicles and can be so [ keep reading ]

Do You Need Boundaries with Your Schedule? I Did. Here’s Why.

I recently had to create some boundaries in my life related to my schedule. My schedule was overpacked resulting in stress, lack of sleep and impacted our family negatively. I have a personality that thrives off of being busy and productive, therefore, eliminating some things from my life was not an easy task. Also complicating [ keep reading ]

We Bought a Home That Needed Big Repairs. Here’s Why.

We recently bought our third home. We had a neighbor ask us if the home we had purchased was the one that needed big basement repairs. As a matter of fact, it was. Our home came with a nice crack in two basement foundation walls. It is likely one of the reasons it sat unsold [ keep reading ]

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