Are There Benefits to Working out Early in the Day?

My husband and I recently discovered a local volunteer-run boot camp that we decided to give a try. It meets at 5:30 in the morning! Yikes! Neither one of us are morning people, but we would love to be. We have discovered some essential benefits of working out early in the morning. Here are our [ keep reading ]

How to Garden when You Don’t Know How to Garden

How to garden, zucchini

Growing your own food is definitely one of the best means for combating a contaminated national food supply. If you purchase healthy seeds or plants and put them into the soil, you can provide staple foods for your family. Not knowing how to garden makes some people hesitant to try at all. As in many [ keep reading ]

Energy Drink Dangers: Parents, Be Alerted!

energy drink dangers, pop-top cans

One of my daughters recently suffered an adverse health condition due to dehydration. We’re a big water-drinking family. This particular child, however, never drinks enough water. (She does now, thanks to an app she downloaded to remind herself.) Many parents think that as long as their kids drink something, they’re hydrated. This post will hopefully [ keep reading ]

Cultivate Confidence and Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

Confidence. Idiots have too much of it and genuinely awesome people have too little of it. To many, the stereotypical confident person is an extroverted individual who possesses a natural magnetism. Charismatic extroverts seemingly ooze confidence, while timid introverts tip-toe their way through life without it. Interestingly, some of the most extroverted people I’ve ever [ keep reading ]

3 Ways Running Prepares You for a Life of Success

Exercise is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. Of the many types of exercise, distance running is one of the best and most practical. A healthy lifestyle that includes a running routine can have astounding benefits, both physical and mental. Undoubtedly, one of the greatest things about running is its simplicity. All you need [ keep reading ]

Breast Implant Illness (BII)–Identifying Symptoms


I got pregnant with my eldest when I was 19. In my last trimester, my breasts suddenly grew to about 1000 times their size and quite suddenly and disappointingly sagged. Over the next 2 decades and with multiple pregnancies, my chest would inflate, sag, deflate, sag some more, inflate…well, you get the picture. I was [ keep reading ]

The Zorro Circle Can Help You Exercise Consistently

I was the kid who hated gym class. I always got a stitch in my side from running and I wasn’t athletic. So how did I eventually become the kind of person who works out 5 times a week, consistently? A LOT of hard work on my part. The wake-up call of hypothyroidism diagnosed at [ keep reading ]

3 Tips to Drink More Water

I am lucky enough to live in the absolutely gorgeous Sonoran Desert. I’m surrounded by mountains, we have beautiful palo verde trees, and you would not believe how many different species of cacti there are. Before we moved here I was worried about leaving behind endless stretches of forests and gently sloping hills. Now I [ keep reading ]

Why Running Is Awesome and Why You Should Start Today

What if I told you I know the secret to unlocking all your hidden potential? What if I told you I have found the fountain of youth? What if I told you by consistently doing one single activity you could lose weight, get toned, have more energy, treat depression, alleviate crippling anxiety and induce an [ keep reading ]

Noteworthy: Nutritionist and Author Ann Louise Gittleman

As a nutrition and health care professional, I hold Ann Louise Gittleman in high regard. Her career as a health and nutrition pioneer spans more than 3 decades. Her wealth of knowledge and healing wisdom has revolutionized the way my colleagues and I approach nutrition. I was honored to sit down with her and discuss [ keep reading ]

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