Squeezing tea bags: What’s the real deal?

squeezing tea bags, tea bag steeping

My heart completely melts any time I come across an old photograph of my now-grown children having tea parties in their youth. We used to go all out with wide brimmed hats, flowers, fancy dresses and more. Once, at a geography fair we attended with a bunch of homeschooling families, a young lady gave a [ keep reading ]

Hay fever: Warning to those with curtains and carpet!

hay fever, curtains, carpet, toddler

I love autumn. Living in the woods of south central Pennsylvania is like existing inside a great masterpiece painting during October. Each day brings added delight with new tones of gold, orange and red. It’s also ‘sweata’ weatha’, which is an added bonus! (Cue hot cider and cocoa, campfires and crisp evening air!) There is [ keep reading ]

Housecleaning tips and why I like to binge clean

Housecleaning tips, dust mop

We humans like to binge, but it’s a word that definitely carries negative connotations. You wouldn’t want to go on a gambling binge, for instance. If you know the potential disastrous repercussions of binge drinking, there’s no need to admit it to our Hot Mess Press community. That’s your business and hopefully, it was a [ keep reading ]

Birthday gift ideas for teenagers got you stumped?

birthday gift ideas, balloons

My family has six September birthdays. One belongs to my husband, and two to my grand-daughters. The other three birthdays are two   daughters and a son, all of whom happen to be teenagers. Come February 11, I will have six teenagers living in my home although one is away at college part of the year. [ keep reading ]

Give Your House a Quick Cleaning

I love having friends over to my home. However, it also gives me anxiety. Though I doubt that most of my friends would do this, I can’t help but picture them, wandering into each room and recoiling in shock and horror when they find…DUN, DUN DUUUUUN…A MESS! Water droplets next to my sinks! A bit [ keep reading ]

Gardening tips: No need to spend hours canning

gardening tips, old world farmer's market

It’s that time. Summer’s winding down and moms are trying to get their acts together for the start of a new school year. Okay, so what does that have to do with gardening tips? How many times have you reached this point in your gardening season, only to feel completely overwhelmed at the amount of [ keep reading ]

The Details of Our Master Bathroom Renovation

In a recent post, I discussed all the phases of our master bathroom renovation. It included before pictures, a first phase renovation, and a complete renovation of our master bathroom. In case you are considering your own master bath reno, here is a breakdown of our renovation. Shiplap We knew pretty quickly that we were [ keep reading ]

Easy Summer Time Meal Ideas That Don’t Involve Cooking

easy summer time meal, fruit and crackers

Do you love to cook? Do you despise it? Are you like many of us who are somewhere in between? Perhaps you don’t mind it and maybe even love it on occasion. Other times, not so much. Nowadays, many parents are becoming more aware of the need to provide healthy food for their families. The [ keep reading ]

Our Master Bathroom Renovation

My husband and I completed our master bathroom renovation and listed our home for sale four days later. Many of our friends and family thought we were crazy to do so much work only to sell our home. Yes, it was a lot of work, but we knew to ensure a quick sale, our bathroom [ keep reading ]

Doing Laundry: How Our Kids Help

Laundry is my chore nemesis. I have never enjoyed folding and putting away clothes although I was required to help my mom growing up. Now that I have three kids of my own, it is even more of a struggle. The laundry is never ending and very repetitive. I would much rather be out in [ keep reading ]

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