The Details of Our Master Bathroom Renovation

In a recent post, I discussed all the phases of our master bathroom renovation. It included before pictures, a first phase renovation, and a complete renovation of our master bathroom. In case you are considering your own master bath reno, here is a breakdown of our renovation. Shiplap We knew pretty quickly that we were [ keep reading ]

Easy Summer Time Meal Ideas That Don’t Involve Cooking

easy summer time meal, fruit and crackers

Do you love to cook? Do you despise it? Are you like many of us who are somewhere in between? Perhaps you don’t mind it and maybe even love it on occasion. Other times, not so much. Nowadays, many parents are becoming more aware of the need to provide healthy food for their families. The [ keep reading ]

Our Master Bathroom Renovation

My husband and I completed our master bathroom renovation and listed our home for sale four days later. Many of our friends and family thought we were crazy to do so much work only to sell our home. Yes, it was a lot of work, but we knew to ensure a quick sale, our bathroom [ keep reading ]

Doing Laundry: How Our Kids Help

Laundry is my chore nemesis. I have never enjoyed folding and putting away clothes although I was required to help my mom growing up. Now that I have three kids of my own, it is even more of a struggle. The laundry is never ending and very repetitive. I would much rather be out in [ keep reading ]

Ways to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

ways to stay cool without air conditioning, fan

I live in a house with 18-foot ceilings and six bedrooms, two of which are used for other purposes. There are currently eight people in our household. Our air conditioning system has been broken for several years. This has made me a sort of quasi-expert on ways to stay cool without air conditioning. I recommend [ keep reading ]

Why DIY? Here’s Our Why.

My husband and I enjoy a good DIY project. We are currently and slowly working on updating our third house during our 12-year marriage. We are commonly asked why we would DIY instead of hiring a skilled worker. Expense Hiring a skilled worker is not always more expensive than doing a project yourself, but typically [ keep reading ]

Exterior Home Maintenance: Important Not to Forget

Owning a home and property is the American dream. Owners soon realize that houses require significant maintenance. Whether your home is old or new, every home will require some maintenance. Some of the easiest to neglect and forget about are any exterior home maintenance. Caulk Some of the least exciting exterior home maintenance to complete [ keep reading ]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

father's day gift ideas, wall decorations

Whether you’re reading this post as an adult daughter or as a wife, you’ll hopefully find it helpful as you prepare for Father’s Day. My own dad passed away eight years ago and I miss him every day. Thus, I’m writing this post from my perspective as a wife and mother. You might be reading [ keep reading ]

Chalk it Up! Update Your Furniture with Chalk Paint

Pinterest is both amazing and awful. Amazing because I find all these gorgeous craft and household projects I want to do. Awful because I find all these gorgeous craft and household projects I want to to! 😉 One of my better efforts was using chalk paint on some old furniture. The process was simpler than [ keep reading ]

How to Garden when You Don’t Know How to Garden

How to garden, zucchini

Growing your own food is definitely one of the best means for combating a contaminated national food supply. If you purchase healthy seeds or plants and put them into the soil, you can provide staple foods for your family. Not knowing how to garden makes some people hesitant to try at all. As in many [ keep reading ]

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