Why DIY? Here’s Our Why.

My husband and I enjoy a good DIY project. We are currently and slowly working on updating our third house during our 12-year marriage. We are commonly asked why we would DIY instead of hiring a skilled worker. Expense Hiring a skilled worker is not always more expensive than doing a project yourself, but typically [ keep reading ]

Exterior Home Maintenance: Important Not to Forget

Owning a home and property is the American dream. Owners soon realize that houses require significant maintenance. Whether your home is old or new, every home will require some maintenance. Some of the easiest to neglect and forget about are any exterior home maintenance. Caulk Some of the least exciting exterior home maintenance to complete [ keep reading ]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

father's day gift ideas, wall decorations

Whether you’re reading this post as an adult daughter or as a wife, you’ll hopefully find it helpful as you prepare for Father’s Day. My own dad passed away eight years ago and I miss him every day. Thus, I’m writing this post from my perspective as a wife and mother. You might be reading [ keep reading ]

Chalk it Up! Update Your Furniture with Chalk Paint

Pinterest is both amazing and awful. Amazing because I find all these gorgeous craft and household projects I want to do. Awful because I find all these gorgeous craft and household projects I want to to! ๐Ÿ˜‰ One of my better efforts was using chalk paint on some old furniture. The process was simpler than [ keep reading ]

How to Garden when You Don’t Know How to Garden

How to garden, zucchini

Growing your own food is definitely one of the best means for combating a contaminated national food supply. If you purchase healthy seeds or plants and put them into the soil, you can provide staple foods for your family. Not knowing how to garden makes some people hesitant to try at all. As in many [ keep reading ]

Creative Family Fun Ideas on a Shoestring Budget

Creative family fun, dinner party

If it’s getting more difficult to have once-a-week date nights, you likely have one or several children. It’s natural for married couples with children to stay home more often. In addition to finding a sitter (and paying for child care) it can be tough to afford a night on the town. Groceries, diapers, homes, vehicles [ keep reading ]

So You Started a Garden. Now What?

Spring fever hits a lot of us this time of year. Many people may have started or re-started a garden. If you planted a garden, what happens next? Thinning Seed If your garden is planted by seed, the next step is thinning out your plants. To ensure seeds germinate, it is recommended to plant more [ keep reading ]

Zinnias Can Bring Happiness to Any Yard

I have all the heart eyes for zinnias. They are an annual flower, and I have enjoyed them for the last two summers. Why do I love these flowers so much? Bright and Full of Color Zinnias can be grown in a mixture of colors. They offer happy bright colors wherever they reside. They come [ keep reading ]

Painted Tile Floors: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

There’s a hot new DIY trend floating around Instagram and Pinterest: painted ceramic tile floors! I recently tapped into this trend by painting our basement bathroom tile floors. Here’s my experience.   Why Painted Tile Floors? The sink, vanity and toilet were in need of a replacement for the bathroom to be usable. We had [ keep reading ]

The Lazy Gal’s Guide to a Clean Home

There is nothing that feels better to me than a clean home. I can be a little obsessive about it. For those of you who watched โ€œFriendsโ€, picture Monica with blonde hair and you’ve got me! However, I have a little problem โ€“ a shortage of time and an abundance of laziness! I’m actually not [ keep reading ]

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