When to Throw Away Makeup

Every makeup-wearing person has one. The drawer/shelf/closet where old makeup products go to die. If you’re like I used to be (somewhat still am…) you think “I can’t just throw this away! I might need this exact outrageous color of fuchsia at some point in the future!” And that lipstick gets stowed away until the [ keep reading ]

Easy At-Home Beauty Treatments

My hands are currently rough and dry. The falling humidity coupled with indoor heating has wreaked havoc on the delicate skin on the backs of my hands. Lotion – even the expensive kind – just isn’t cutting it. So, that means that this is the time of year that I pull out one of my [ keep reading ]

Aging gracefully: I like me better when I’m with me

aging gracefully, woman in white dress

How old are you? This question has prompted many a jaw to suddenly drop, especially if those asked happen to be women. Oddly, I’ve never been offended by the question. If, however, you ask me about aging gracefully, I start to get a bit nervous. What does that mean, anyway? Aging gracefully is a rather [ keep reading ]

Is your gray hair your crown of glory?

Gray hair, woman lying down

A friend recently told me, “I am starting to go gray, and I have no intention of coloring my hair.” I wasn’t sure if she was making a proud declaration or if she had already become defensive about this very sensitive topic. My mom insists she began to see gray hair in her teens. I [ keep reading ]

Body Hair Removal: Beauty Necessity or Modern Torture?

I still remember the first time I shaved my legs. I think I was around 13 years old. I’d been BEGGING my mother to let me do it. I was an awkward and unpopular teenager, so I was desperate to fit in with the other girls my age. I decided that body hair removal was [ keep reading ]

Learning to Love my Natural Hair

I have always had a love-hate relationship with my hair. I think most women in the western world feel the same way. Around the time I was 13, I started waking up early to straighten my naturally-curly hair. I dutifully sectioned it and dried each area with the help of my blow dryer and round [ keep reading ]

You’re Putting on Your Makeup All Wrong

For years, I have struggled with makeup. I have tried different products, different brushes, and different brands. Until recently, I’ve never really been completely satisfied with my makeup routine. My blush never lasted, my eye makeup ALWAYS ended up under my eyes, and my dark circles could NEVER be hidden. As I approach my 40s, [ keep reading ]

How to Add Coconut Oil to Your Skincare Routine

For me, the smell of coconuts is the smell of my sister. And since my older sister is like the coolest person I know, I’ve always been drawn to anything and everything coconut scented. Candles, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, wax melts, car air fresheners. You name, I have it in a coconut scent. Coconut oil might [ keep reading ]

I Fought My Acne (And My Acne Won)

Getting older is inevitable and happens to all of us. Though I admit I struggle with aging, the one thing I looked forward to with growing up was an end to acne. Well, that and finally getting to eat dessert for breakfast…which might explain the acne… I have been plagued by it all my life [ keep reading ]

Have You Tried This Natural Skin Care Regimen?

My husband and I are in the midst of a bathroom remodel at our home. There is a lot of chaos and distraction as we try to get it done. He recently asked me in passing if I had given our 3-year-old daughter eye shadow to play with. Moments later I discovered both my daughter [ keep reading ]

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