What It’s Like to Be a Writer and Suck at Writing: A Lesson in Rejection


I was putting the finishing touches on what was sure to be one of my best articles ever. A 1200 word masterpiece full of wit and personality.  With a smug, satisfied grin on my face, I leaned back in my chair admiring my work. I thought to myself, “This is sure to go viral”. This [ keep reading ]

Aging gracefully: I like me better when I’m with me

aging gracefully, woman in white dress

How old are you? This question has prompted many a jaw to suddenly drop, especially if those asked happen to be women. Oddly, I’ve never been offended by the question. If, however, you ask me about aging gracefully, I start to get a bit nervous. What does that mean, anyway? Aging gracefully is a rather [ keep reading ]

Don’t go to bed angry. Are you nuts?

go to bed angry, angry wife in bed

Probably the worst marital advice I ever got was never to go to bed angry at my spouse. And I’m sure I heard it from more than one person. If I had taken that advice, I would have spent the first 10 years of marriage in a sleep-deprived haze that would likely have meant the [ keep reading ]

Peaceful moments: Ways to find them in a busy life

Peaceful moments, rolling dough

Let’s be real. If you were to run into a friend at the grocery store, you might ask how she’s been. Chances are, she’ll answer by rambling off a list of activities she’s trying to juggle or health issues that are challenging her or a family member. When is the last time you remember enjoying [ keep reading ]

Tips for young moms: Don’t stress. It’ll be over soon.

tips for young moms, woman and toddler

This is a love letter to all you young moms out there. This is for the moms who may have been led to this post by Googling phrases such as “tips for young moms” or “help for busy mothers” and the like. I’m not going to tell you how to organize your pantry or how [ keep reading ]

Judge Not: So much easier to say

Judge not; easier to say

The Bible contains many pearls of wisdom for living a God-centered life. Unfortunately, over time, many of the verses have been twisted to fit our own perspective and purposes. One of the most often-quoted is from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 7, Verses 1 and 2: Judge not least ye be judged. Though there are [ keep reading ]

Working out, body and soul: A guide for praying always

working out, woman sitting with Bible

Everyone knows the importance of regular exercise. Working out keeps you trim and toned. It also strengthens your heart and lungs and builds endurance. We are both physical and spiritual creatures. Working out the body won’t do us much good if we neglect the health and strength of our souls. Here is a daily workout [ keep reading ]

Is your gray hair your crown of glory?

Gray hair, woman lying down

A friend recently told me, “I am starting to go gray, and I have no intention of coloring my hair.” I wasn’t sure if she was making a proud declaration or if she had already become defensive about this very sensitive topic. My mom insists she began to see gray hair in her teens. I [ keep reading ]

Seeking God’s presence: He wants you to be all in!

seeing God's presence, woman stirring pot

Life is a journey of ever-changing events. If your ultimate goal is heaven, then you no doubt believe in seeking God’s presence in your daily life. Like the ebb and flow of an ocean tide, you might feel very near or as far away as possible to God as the waters are to the shore. [ keep reading ]

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” — Wayne Dyer One of these days, if you haven’t already, you’re going to fail. You’re going to fall flat on your face. That’s a guarantee. But, what happens to us is only 10% of life. 90% of life is [ keep reading ]

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