We Need to Practice; Don’t Preach

Children learn by watching and doing. If we want to show others what is important to us, we practice and don’t preach. With the conclusion of the Holy Triduum in the Catholic church, Christians are celebrating several weeks of Easter Time. Now that the season of Lent is over, many think that the burden of [ keep reading ]

Intentional Living: God Gave Us Senses for a Reason

Intentional living, woman reading in field

Sometimes, I wish I could simultaneously view all the lands and people in the world. I wonder what a satellite/panoramic view of earth would really look like. As I ponder the typical lifestyle in a modern world (at least, in America) I feel saddened. I immediately think I probably would not really like to see [ keep reading ]

The Line between Acceptance and Tolerance

acceptance and tolerance

Rodney King’s infamous words ring just as true today as they did decades ago, “Can we all just get along?”. He voiced a frustration he suffered first-hand and gave many of us something to ponder. Nearly 20 years later, I consider what it means for those of us residing on Planet Earth. Are we a [ keep reading ]

Thoughts on the Crisis in the Catholic Church

When I saw my child pastor‘s name on the list of abusers in a grand jury report regarding sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, I immediately got a pit in my stomach. I also recalled an incident that had taken place involving a friend of mine in grade school that led me to believe such [ keep reading ]

How to Help Your Child Grow Their Faith

Prior to becoming a parent my husband and I thought we had it all figured out. We watched others fumble with parenting and just knew we could do it better. Then we became parents, and we realized we are in the same boat as many other parents; we have no idea what we are doing. [ keep reading ]

Does God Want Us to Budget?

Since having my first job, I have slowly learned how to budget. I found that I have improved handling our finances little by little over the years. As I have learned how following a budget could change our lives, I have shared what I have learned with family, friends and others wishing for help as [ keep reading ]

“Women. They are a complete mystery”–Stephen Hawking

I love that a man who was a complete genius found women to be a mystery! I must admit, I never knew much about Stephen Hawking. I knew he was a genius and that being confined to a wheelchair did not confine his mind. In fact, of his physical disability he said, “Although I cannot [ keep reading ]

Would You Die for Christ?

The movie, “For Greater Glory,” is definitely a film I’d recommend to a mature viewing audience but not really something I’d tell prospective viewers to enjoy. To the contrary, the contents of the film are not in any way enjoyable (unless, of course, you’re only paying attention to costuming and scenery) but is more of [ keep reading ]

Smudging: Clearing My Space, My Head, My Heart…

I’ve said many times that I consider myself a Christian, though I’m not a conventional one. I feel like I make fellow Christians uncomfortable with some of the things I wonder about and I certainly make others feel uncomfortable when I speak of the metaphysical things I believe in. I never want people around me [ keep reading ]

Do You Ever Question If You Have Purpose?

Do you ever question if what you are doing or where you are serves a purpose? There have been countless times in my life I have questioned my significance, worth and purpose in this life that God has given us. During my first year as a nurse, there were numerous days I questioned if anything [ keep reading ]

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