Hospice care: When life’s end draws near

hospice care, statue of woman kissing forehead of deceased

It’s so hard to believe that June 27, 2020, will be the ninth anniversary of my father’s death. My dad  endured great suffering in the final years of his life. I typically am not one to ask favors of God although I did so concerning my dad. I prayed that God would grant me the [ keep reading ]

Lent and fasting: What are you giving up?

fasting, woman with ash cross

I have to smile when people tell me they have “discovered” fasting. Like it was ever lost? Fasting is an ancient practice dating back to Moses or perhaps earlier. It is nothing new. Many people practice it regularly for their spiritual health more than their physical health. In fact, fasting is on the minds of [ keep reading ]

Joy stealers: Don’t let them drag you down

joy, painted sign

Pretend you have an electronic meter strapped to your body that registers your level of joy at any given moment. With 10 being supremely joyful and one being the opposite extreme, where would your meter be right now? Do people describe you as a joyful person? Did you used to be but are not at [ keep reading ]

Leaving your fishing net behind to follow Jesus

follow Jesus, net with fish in murky water

Have you heard stories of people who shock their friends and families by walking away from fame and fortune? Men who give up family inheritances to help the poor and homeless in their communities? Women who sacrifice promising, lucrative careers as performers, entrepreneurs, and engineers to serve the Lord in religious orders? Young people who [ keep reading ]

My Father’s Humor Prepared Me for His Death

My Dad died about two and a half months ago. He was 89 years old. Though I love my Dad dearly and miss him every single day, somehow, I’m a bit surprised – and even a little ashamed – that the loss of him hasn’t completely gutted me. I’ve worried that I’m not grieving him [ keep reading ]

Family life and simplicity: Lessons to learn from Jesus

family life and simplicity, big family

I don’t think anyone can deny that it’s easy to feel stressed, overwhelmed and anxious when life gets too busy. The issue is that, no two people define “too busy” exactly the same way. While I certainly don’t know how to achieve a perpetual, perfect, peaceful state of mind, I do know one thing. Simplicity, [ keep reading ]

Saint Joseph can teach us important lessons

St. Joseph, white statue near church

The foster father of Jesus is a man of mystery. Saint Joseph does not speak a single word in the Bible, and over the centuries many have speculated about what the holy man might have been thinking. Perhaps this Advent and Christmas, we can spend some time meditating on Saint Joseph. We may learn something [ keep reading ]

Bible verses on my grandfather’s knee

bible verses, black bible with brown rosary

My grandfather was a self-appointed Baptist preacher who had little more than a third grade education. Practically illiterate, Papaw derived his theology mostly from Bible verses he had memorized and from the texts of many well-beloved hymns. Unfortunately, this often meant he used Scripture verses out of context and not always in a kind way. [ keep reading ]

Happy holidays: Make it more intentional this year

happoy holidays, family at table with candles

So many people I talk to say they are yearning for more meaning and purpose in their holiday seasons. As soon as they start hearing “Happy Holidays,” they stress. For most Christians, the highlight of this season is Christmas. However, most people relegate it to just one day when, in fact, it is an entire [ keep reading ]

There is no Mrs. Santa Claus (Spoiler alert)

mrs. santa claus, santa talking to women

Apologies first to all fans of The Santa Clause II, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer and other holiday favorites. However, if you are the kind who likes your Christmas traditions to have some element of truth, the character of Mrs. Santa Claus in these movies may make you feel uncomfortable. [ keep reading ]

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