Fashion Trends I Will Regret When I’m 80

My school photo circa 1993 is awful. Back then, I was trying really hard to achieve the curled, backcombed, hairsprayed bangs that most girls sported in the late eighties and early nineties. I only succeeded in making it look like there was a giant piece of poo on top of my head. I’m not joking. [ keep reading ]

Are We Dressing to Disrespect Ourselves?

I was standing in line at a Panera Bread awhile back when a family came in. One of their children was clad in pajamas, bathrobe and all! This wasn’t an early morning or late night, either. Despite the fact that I’m not a parent, I still understand that sometimes, with kids, you pick your battles. [ keep reading ]

Why Haven’t the Fashion Police Knocked on My Door Yet??

I admit: I am a fashion disaster! I’m not a fashion disaster waiting to happen…it’s HERE. Like, right now. I think the last time I consistently paid attention to what I wore was before I got pregnant with my first kiddo. So that was, let’s see…almost 25 years ago! Oh, boy–someone help me, please! One reason I [ keep reading ]

Consign Me Up!

I don’t like spending a lot of money on clothes. About 10 years ago, when the term “Recessionista” started getting thrown around on TV, I laughed out loud. I LOLed. The “new, hot trend” they were discussing, of wearing clothing from less expensive retailers, such as Old Navy, Target, and – dare I say it – Walmart, [ keep reading ]

Are Your Kids Dressed like You?

I enjoy people watching not to pass judgment on their choices, but I find people, their choices and different lifestyles very interesting. While some choices may not be what I would choose myself, I find it interesting to see how and why different choices suit other individuals. Fashion is one of the easiest choices we [ keep reading ]

Where Has All the Classy Clothing Gone?

Every generation has its own fashion trends. Every era also includes groups who “do their own thing” so-to-speak, regarding fashion, perhaps ruffling the feathers of the more straight-laced segments of society. For instance, on the Frontier, strong-minded, active women pushed the envelope by ditching their cumbersome skirts and wearing the knicker-style work pants marketed toward [ keep reading ]

Who Determines Fashion?

What is fashion? Who exactly determines it? Is fashion determined by designers, magazine editors or clothing buyers? Should fashion instead be determined by those of us who wear the clothes? I have never been on top of fashion trends. I always feel like I am two steps back and catch on to fashion as it [ keep reading ]

Will You Be Wearing a Fanny Pack This Summer?

It is amazing how fashion cycles repeat themselves.  This spring we were shopping for groceries at Walmart and we swung by the shoe department to grab some flip flops for pool season. My girls spotted some jelly shoes and begged me to buy them. The crazy thing is I had jellies when I was five [ keep reading ]

Do You Own a Pair of Crocs?

What goes around, comes around, is definitely true in the world of fashion. Some clothing that was popular in my youth has resurfaced in department stores where my teenagers shop although items often undergo name-changes when they reappear on clothing racks. For instance, what my generation called bell bottoms are now known as flairs. Three [ keep reading ]

Old Quilts and Table Linens: Hot Items on the Runway!

What do you do with your old quilts and tablecloths? I typically give mine to pets so they can lounge in luxury or to my kids to use as covers for their craft tables, makeshift construction materials for forts and tents, or simply tuck them aside for use as drop cloths when painting, picnic blankets, [ keep reading ]

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