Fashion trends for 2020 may look familiar

My mom in her day was always on top of fashion trends despite barely having two nickels to rub together. This was because she rarely got rid of clothes. Instead, she tucked them in the back of her closet, a firm believer that yesterday’s fashions would come around again. She was usually right. I have [ keep reading ]

Ironing clothes is a thing of the past

ironing clothes, iron with shirt on ironing board

Apparently, millennials are not buying irons. This means they are either wearing their clothes as is or their parents are ironing clothes for them. I have nothing against millennials. I delivered three of them. And I taught each and every one of them how to handle an iron, especially my son. A lost skill? When [ keep reading ]

Holiday Fashion Made Easy

This time of year often means gathering people together. Maybe you and your spouse/partner are fortunate to have several holiday parties to attend, or maybe there’s just going to be a family get-together. That might mean several different outfits to figure out, or just one, stellar, “wow” ensemble that you can wear multiple places. But [ keep reading ]

If eating out is stressful, you’re doing it wrong

eating out, woman sitting alone

Three or four in the afternoon is a stressful time for me. It means it is getting close to time when my husband will be coming home, and I should stop my work and think about what to fix for supper. Unlike many women, and a growing number of men, I do not like cooking. [ keep reading ]

The Easiest Way to Style Naturally-Curly Hair

Some people have a gift for styling hair. I am not one of those people. I am also blessed with delicate, curly hair and live in the southern US. This means that straightening my hair in such a humid climate is almost impossible. I recognize the hair of other women who try – straight, but [ keep reading ]

Fashion Trends I Will Regret When I’m 80

My school photo circa 1993 is awful. Back then, I was trying really hard to achieve the curled, backcombed, hairsprayed bangs that most girls sported in the late eighties and early nineties. I only succeeded in making it look like there was a giant piece of poo on top of my head. I’m not joking. [ keep reading ]

Are We Dressing to Disrespect Ourselves?

I was standing in line at a Panera Bread awhile back when a family came in. One of their children was clad in pajamas, bathrobe and all! This wasn’t an early morning or late night, either. Despite the fact that I’m not a parent, I still understand that sometimes, with kids, you pick your battles. [ keep reading ]

Why Haven’t the Fashion Police Knocked on My Door Yet??

I admit: I am a fashion disaster! I’m not a fashion disaster waiting to happen…it’s HERE. Like, right now. I think the last time I consistently paid attention to what I wore was before I got pregnant with my first kiddo. So that was, let’s see…almost 25 years ago! Oh, boy–someone help me, please! One reason I [ keep reading ]

Consign Me Up!

I don’t like spending a lot of money on clothes. About 10 years ago, when the term “Recessionista” started getting thrown around on TV, I laughed out loud. I LOLed. The “new, hot trend” they were discussing, of wearing clothing from less expensive retailers, such as Old Navy, Target, and – dare I say it – Walmart, [ keep reading ]

Are Your Kids Dressed like You?

I enjoy people watching not to pass judgment on their choices, but I find people, their choices and different lifestyles very interesting. While some choices may not be what I would choose myself, I find it interesting to see how and why different choices suit other individuals. Fashion is one of the easiest choices we [ keep reading ]

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