Headache Hacks, Part 1

As I sit typing this, I have just the slightest twinge of a leftover headache from yesterday evening. Being a fairly active person, headaches aren’t just painful – they completely kill my productivity. Since I am fortunate to not have them too often, when I get one, I generally take it as my body’s signal [ keep reading ]

Do You Really Need 10,000 Steps Every Day? Probably Not

Find any gathering of adults, and I can almost guarantee that the question, “So which tracker do you use?” will come up. Tracking steps 10,000 steps every day is as ubiquitous as those 80 Starbucks you find on half the corners in your city. For the record, I wear a Garmin Forerunner 235 and drink [ keep reading ]

Why I Stopped Drinking Soda (Yes, Even Diet Soda)

I did something this week that I’ve done at several points in my life. I stopped drinking soda – or “pop” as I used to call it when I lived in Canada. For the last few years, I haven’t been drinking what I would say is too much of the stuff. I can’t remember the [ keep reading ]

Easy Summer Time Meal Ideas That Don’t Involve Cooking

easy summer time meal, fruit and crackers

Do you love to cook? Do you despise it? Are you like many of us who are somewhere in between? Perhaps you don’t mind it and maybe even love it on occasion. Other times, not so much. Nowadays, many parents are becoming more aware of the need to provide healthy food for their families. The [ keep reading ]

Why You Should Run Without Music


Running is the most popular form of exercise on the planet. For many people, however, running is also one of the most boring activities on the planet. Like most runners, I have a love/hate thing going on with this sport. Most of the time I love it. At times, running is awesome, fun, and can [ keep reading ]

4 Reasons Swimming Is a Great Sport

Swimming is a great sport for exercise. I grew up swimming for fun but never for exercise. As a parent, I realize what a great sport swimming is after watching my kids swim competitively. There are many benefits to getting involved in swimming. Low Impact Swimming and other water sports are naturally low impact on [ keep reading ]

Ways to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

ways to stay cool without air conditioning, fan

I live in a house with 18-foot ceilings and six bedrooms, two of which are used for other purposes. There are currently eight people in our household. Our air conditioning system has been broken for several years. This has made me a sort of quasi-expert on ways to stay cool without air conditioning. I recommend [ keep reading ]

Exercise is Not a Punishment

How many times have you heard yourself say something like, “Wow – I ate too much! Guess I’m going to have to punish myself in the gym tomorrow!” I know I’ve said it many times in the past. For a long time, exercise was a form of self-abuse for me. It was something I did [ keep reading ]

What’s Most Important to Kids in Life?

what's most important to kids, child's hand with iv

Every child is fearlessly and wonderfully made. No human life is repeatable. Children are among God’s greatest blessings. A physician who works for a non-profit organization recently wondered what’s most important to kids in life. He spends every day of his own life providing palliative care to terminally ill children. He decided to interview patients [ keep reading ]

Coffee? Good, Bad or AMAZING?

One day, scientists will come to a consensus, I just know it. The clouds will part, one magical, peer-reviewed study will fall from the sky, and there will be a collective “EUREKA!” What I’m talking about is dietary recommendations. You wake up one morning and the headline is “eggs are TERRIBLE” and a few weeks [ keep reading ]

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