Four Reasons to Drink Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Often referred to as a miracle beverage, this drink has been around for centuries and is one of the most healthy things you can consume. Green tea is absolutely loaded with antioxidants and a whole host of other beneficial nutrients. Regularly drinking green [ keep reading ]

Could an Apple a Day Really Keep the Doctor Away?

These days, it seems there are new “superfoods” making headlines every week. With all this hype about superfoods, there is one tried and trusted food that may be getting overlooked. Apples are the original superfood. Nutritional powerhouses, apples are one of the most beneficial foods a person can consume. The health benefits of apples range [ keep reading ]

Intermittent Fasting: Fad or For Real?

The month of January brings a newfound sense of optimism and an influx of resolutions for the upcoming year. Weight loss and dieting are most often at the center of these New Year’s resolutions. After the New Year holiday, gyms across the country, hauntingly vacant only days earlier, are filled to capacity with determined resolutioners. [ keep reading ]

Sane Tips for Eating Healthy at Restaurants

Eating healthy doesn’t mean depriving yourself, unnecessarily cutting out foods or entire food groups, or cutting calories to a dangerously low number. Instead, it should focus on that unicorn of the health world that we’re all shooting for — moderation. But if you think about it, moderation is really a vague term that can be [ keep reading ]

My Experience with Whole30

It’s 2019! Time for New Year, New YOU! Or if you’re like me, “New Year, Overly-Ambitious YOU!” One common resolution people make – that I’ve made MANY times – is to overhaul their diet. Some people instantly throw out all junk food, start eating kale every day, and create world peace. I have never been [ keep reading ]

Easy Ways to Fit Those Veggies in Your Daily Diet

Most eating plans that encourage healthy eating habits recommend multiple servings a day of vegetables and fruit, but it is often difficult to incorporate them into a busy schedule. Fruits are often the easier to incorporate, but vegetables can be much trickier.  Add vegetables into breakfast: While vegetables for breakfast are not typically included in [ keep reading ]

10 Tips for a Healthier Diet

Should you do keto? Should you go gluten-free? Should you add more carbs to your diet? These and other questions plague the minds of many Americans today, somewhat understandably so, as the current overall state of health among the general population is declining and some studies say approximately one out of two people in the [ keep reading ]

Random Thoughts About Diets

I recently started a new diet. It is not far off from how I normally eat, but it is more balanced and ensures calorie restriction. I have learned to eat healthy as more of a lifestyle versus just occasional dieting over the years, but to lose some pounds, a strict meal plan must be followed. [ keep reading ]

Keto Versus Carbs: Which Diet Is Best for You?

You can’t go far in the dietary world nowadays without hearing about the keto diet. For the purpose of clarification, let’s get it straight right from the start that there’s a difference between ketoacidosis (a dangerous condition that affects diabetics) and ketosis, a metabolic state. That said, it can be quite frustrating trying to determine [ keep reading ]

Do You Have 10 Minutes for a Healthy Hot Breakfast?

I personally love a good hot breakfast, but it is sometimes difficult to achieve when there are time restraints. A few months ago, I had no dinner plans and decided to make us omelets. We always have eggs and cheese on hand so it was an easy dinner. Typically I have avoided omelets because I [ keep reading ]

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