Halloween safety tips: Police say be alert for drugs

Halloween safety tips, gummy candy

You know those situations in life where you think a particular circumstance is ironic? Yes, well, for me, this is one of them. I’ve been thinking a lot about a recent article I read. It wasn’t so much about Halloween safety tips as it was reminding parents to avoid overreacting. The author happens to be [ keep reading ]

Prying plastic straws from our cold, dead hands

plastic straws, girl in red shorts with soft drink

When we would go out to lunch with my in-laws, the children were fond of passing Grandpa plastic straws for his beverage. They loved the way he would scowl and say, “I don’t need that. I been weaned,” drawing out the last word a little longer than necessary. Grandma would take the unopened straws and [ keep reading ]

Worst Halloween Candy: Is there such a thing?

worst halloween candy, many bins of candy

Apparently there is such a thing as a worst Halloween candy. This is the candy a Trick-or-treater will throw away or trade first. Each year, different organizations take polls and surveys to come up with the top ten best and worst candies, supposedly in an effort to help parents when they go out shopping for [ keep reading ]

It’s Better to be Lions Not Lemmings

Be lions not lemmings

In today’s society, speaking out against the trends is not a way to win popularity. If you wish to fit in, its better to either keep or peace or go with the flow. But what if the flow carries you right off the cliff? I think, if that is my choice, its preferable to be [ keep reading ]

Fall means pumpkin spice time, right?

Fall means pumpkin spice

As soon as August gives way to Labor Day, thoughts turn to that certain ubiquitous fall favorite. After all, Fall means pumpkin spice time, right? But, wait, isn’t fall more than certain flavored treats? When I was a kid, fall was more about the changing of the seasons and the coming of the holiday seasons. [ keep reading ]

Do You Really Need 10,000 Steps Every Day? Probably Not

Find any gathering of adults, and I can almost guarantee that the question, “So which tracker do you use?” will come up. Tracking steps 10,000 steps every day is as ubiquitous as those 80 Starbucks you find on half the corners in your city. For the record, I wear a Garmin Forerunner 235 and drink [ keep reading ]

Energy Drink Dangers: Parents, Be Alerted!

energy drink dangers, pop-top cans

One of my daughters recently suffered an adverse health condition due to dehydration. We’re a big water-drinking family. This particular child, however, never drinks enough water. (She does now, thanks to an app she downloaded to remind herself.) Many parents think that as long as their kids drink something, they’re hydrated. This post will hopefully [ keep reading ]

Social Media and Perfect Selfies

I like a good selfie…with food, my kiddos, and especially my dogs. Just look at one of my perfect selfies! Isn’t that fur baby adorable? Who’s so pretty? Who’s a Sweet Girl? What a Pretty Baby…oh..*cough, cough*…back to writing about perfect selfies.   Selfies as we know them today just didn’t exist when I was [ keep reading ]

Intermittent Fasting: Fad or For Real?

The month of January brings a newfound sense of optimism and an influx of resolutions for the upcoming year. Weight loss and dieting are most often at the center of these New Year’s resolutions. After the New Year holiday, gyms across the country, hauntingly vacant only days earlier, are filled to capacity with determined resolutioners. [ keep reading ]

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