Easy Ways to Punch Up Scrambled Eggs

I have eggs nearly every single day for breakfast. Always scrambled. I’ve tried prepping eggs other ways, but nothing beats them being beat! But even I get bored with the same thing day in and day out. So, I started looking around for some new ideas. Since I mostly eat eggs first thing in the [ keep reading ]

Why Aren’t You Using Frozen Vegetables?

Virtually ever mother that has ever existed has said some version of the same sentence: Eat your vegetables or you won’t grow big and strong. And I’m here to tell you that we are absolutely right. Eat your vegetables, kids. But buying fresh produce isn’t always the best option. Instead, using frozen vegetables is a [ keep reading ]

Squeezing tea bags: What’s the real deal?

squeezing tea bags, tea bag steeping

My heart completely melts any time I come across an old photograph of my now-grown children having tea parties in their youth. We used to go all out with wide brimmed hats, flowers, fancy dresses and more. Once, at a geography fair we attended with a bunch of homeschooling families, a young lady gave a [ keep reading ]

Seeking God’s presence: He wants you to be all in!

seeing God's presence, woman stirring pot

Life is a journey of ever-changing events. If your ultimate goal is heaven, then you no doubt believe in seeking God’s presence in your daily life. Like the ebb and flow of an ocean tide, you might feel very near or as far away as possible to God as the waters are to the shore. [ keep reading ]

Italian Meal Ideas and Customs: Do You Skip Breakfast?

Italian meal ideas, festive spread

I’ve never been a big breakfast eater. I mean, I enjoy a good breakfast. (Diced and salted avocado on fried egg over toast, anyone?) I’m just not one of those you-will-die-if-you-don’t-eat- breakfast-every-day people. I actually prefer to eat a bit later in the morning. Who knew it might be because I’m Italian? I recently joined [ keep reading ]

Optimize Your Freezer and Save (Part 1)

optimize your freezer and save

With escalating food prices, who is not looking for ways to save money? Preserving all kinds of produce in jars has become the in-thing. However, you can optimize your freezer and save. Our lives are rushed, but my freezer has become my BFF,  and I am saving time and money. Ordering in and eating out [ keep reading ]

Homemade Sweet Potato Chips

Sometimes, nothing tastes better than the crunch of a chip. But potato chips are generally not very healthy, and though I love baked chickpeas, they take a bit more effort. Here’s where my favorite recipe for sweet potato chips comes in! Of course, you can buy sweet potato chips at the store, but man, are [ keep reading ]

Gardening tips: No need to spend hours canning

gardening tips, old world farmer's market

It’s that time. Summer’s winding down and moms are trying to get their acts together for the start of a new school year. Okay, so what does that have to do with gardening tips? How many times have you reached this point in your gardening season, only to feel completely overwhelmed at the amount of [ keep reading ]

Summer Recipes: Crowd Pleasers Found on the Web

Summer is in full swing and it is prime time for cookouts, family get-togethers and other parties. Nothing makes me happier than to have people gobble up any of my favorite summer recipes. It also feels like a complete waste of time, money and food when I make something that is barely eaten. Over time, [ keep reading ]

Easy Summer Time Meal Ideas That Don’t Involve Cooking

easy summer time meal, fruit and crackers

Do you love to cook? Do you despise it? Are you like many of us who are somewhere in between? Perhaps you don’t mind it and maybe even love it on occasion. Other times, not so much. Nowadays, many parents are becoming more aware of the need to provide healthy food for their families. The [ keep reading ]

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