Stop That Cough in its Tracks!

It’s that special time of year where everyone around you seems to be coughing and sneezing. So, you’re more careful to wash your hands, you make sure to get good sleep, and you try to avoid that guy in your office who sneezes into his hands and then uses the water cooler. Even with all [ keep reading ]

Road trip games to keep kids unplugged in the car

road trip games, cows in field

When my husband and I were young, we delighted in taking Sunday drives with our kids. Such excursions often included impromptu stops by a creek or a playground, or car lots to look at trucks. ::makes snarky face but loves her husband:: Nowadays, there’s a lot more traffic on the road. Speed limits are 70 [ keep reading ]

Hay fever: Warning to those with curtains and carpet!

hay fever, curtains, carpet, toddler

I love autumn. Living in the woods of south central Pennsylvania is like existing inside a great masterpiece painting during October. Each day brings added delight with new tones of gold, orange and red. It’s also ‘sweata’ weatha’, which is an added bonus! (Cue hot cider and cocoa, campfires and crisp evening air!) There is [ keep reading ]

Housecleaning tips and why I like to binge clean

Housecleaning tips, dust mop

We humans like to binge, but it’s a word that definitely carries negative connotations. You wouldn’t want to go on a gambling binge, for instance. If you know the potential disastrous repercussions of binge drinking, there’s no need to admit it to our Hot Mess Press community. That’s your business and hopefully, it was a [ keep reading ]

Peaceful moments: Ways to find them in a busy life

Peaceful moments, rolling dough

Let’s be real. If you were to run into a friend at the grocery store, you might ask how she’s been. Chances are, she’ll answer by rambling off a list of activities she’s trying to juggle or health issues that are challenging her or a family member. When is the last time you remember enjoying [ keep reading ]

Bad or good: Unsolicited advice can get on your nerves

unsolicited advice, girls comforting friend

We’ve all been there. Maybe it was a time when you were talking about some challenge you were facing, or maybe you were trying to quietly deal with a private situation. Then someone comes along and says, “I have some advice for you . . . .” Americans spend over $10 billion a year on [ keep reading ]

Working out, body and soul: A guide for praying always

working out, woman sitting with Bible

Everyone knows the importance of regular exercise. Working out keeps you trim and toned. It also strengthens your heart and lungs and builds endurance. We are both physical and spiritual creatures. Working out the body won’t do us much good if we neglect the health and strength of our souls. Here is a daily workout [ keep reading ]

Is your gray hair your crown of glory?

Gray hair, woman lying down

A friend recently told me, “I am starting to go gray, and I have no intention of coloring my hair.” I wasn’t sure if she was making a proud declaration or if she had already become defensive about this very sensitive topic. My mom insists she began to see gray hair in her teens. I [ keep reading ]

The Easiest Way to Style Naturally-Curly Hair

Some people have a gift for styling hair. I am not one of those people. I am also blessed with delicate, curly hair and live in the southern US. This means that straightening my hair in such a humid climate is almost impossible. I recognize the hair of other women who try – straight, but [ keep reading ]

Gardening tips: No need to spend hours canning

gardening tips, old world farmer's market

It’s that time. Summer’s winding down and moms are trying to get their acts together for the start of a new school year. Okay, so what does that have to do with gardening tips? How many times have you reached this point in your gardening season, only to feel completely overwhelmed at the amount of [ keep reading ]

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