The Pomodoro Technique Has Changed My Work Life

Despite being a fully-functioning adult, I have the attention span of a gnat. I get distracted even when I’m doing something I enjoy, I constantly think about what is next, and I frequently have to remind myself to BE. HERE. Sometimes I wonder if I have an actual concentration disorder, but truthfully, I probably just [ keep reading ]

This Is How to Prevent Big Box Stores from Blowing Your Budget

I used to joke with other moms about how hard it was to make a trip to big box stores like Sam’s Club and Costco for less than $200. In addition to big bulky items that I had to find places for in our home, one trip to Costco or Sam’s Club would ruin my [ keep reading ]

Read This Before Buying Winter Clothes

Where we live, the temperature has finally dropped and fall has begun. It also means that all the fall and winter clothes have to be brought out of storage and sorted. The changing of seasons and sorting of clothes is of one of my least favorite seasonal tasks to do, but it is necessary. Stuck [ keep reading ]

Three Awesome Life Hacks–You‘Re Welcome!

Do you reach the brink of insanity every year when you try to untangle your Christmas lights or do you have a box of electrical cords that look more like a scientific sketch of DNA material in a non-membrane bound organelle cell than anything even the slightest bit organized? If so, I’m about to make [ keep reading ]

Confessions from a Chronically Late Mom and Tips on How to Be on Time

There seems to be two types of people in the world: those who are early and on time and those that are chronically late. I am the second type of person. Do I like being late? Absolutely not, but I have problems with being on time. There are times that I can manage being on [ keep reading ]

An Easy Way to Knock out School Supply Shopping

Some people get really excited about shopping for school supplies. I do not. When I have shopped for supplies, every other parent in my area also seems to be in the store shopping for supplies as I stand in the aisles checking to make sure I am purchasing the sharpened pencils and the correct size [ keep reading ]

Tricks to Keep Gardening Affordable

Stereotypically, women are accused of spending lots of money on clothes, shoes, accessories and other personal care needs. I do not fit into that stereotype. I am pretty frugal, but when it comes to spending money on plants, I have a problem. When spring hits, I am eager to see bright beautiful flowers and plants [ keep reading ]

Major Lifehack Ahead for Those Who Paint Their Nails!

I have six daughters. We love to paint our nails. For me, personally, throughout my 33 years of parenting, I have found that painting my nails is a fun, easy way to indulge in a bit of self-pampering. It makes me smile to catch glimpses of pretty colors, whether matte or sparkly, as I carry [ keep reading ]

Some Types of Hacking Are Good!

Some types of hacking are good! Alongside advanced technology throughout the world, came new types crime, such as identity theft, electronic wire fraud, and computer hacking. Most people know what it’s like to log into Facebook only to learn that someone has hacked their accounts. This gives hacking a bad name, for sure. I have [ keep reading ]

Is It Possible to Keep Your Kitchen Tidy Every Day?

It is often said that “the kitchen is the heart of the home”. Many of us find the quote true, and we spend the majority of our time gathered in the kitchen with family and friends. Many of us also add the newest gadgets and appliances to our kitchens every year but do not add space [ keep reading ]

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