Five Tips for Communication in a Marriage

Next week, my husband and I will celebrate eight years of marriage. If we were Hollywood superstars, that would be an eternity! I still see it as an achievement, even if we’re just regular people. When I sat down to write this piece, I asked my husband what his best marriage advice would be if [ keep reading ]

ISFP Personalities: The Artist


Put down your paintbrush for a moment and learn about the The Artist: the ISFP Personality. ISFPs are Introverted- Sensing- Feeling- Perceiving. ISFPs make up 6% of the population. Of this number, 58% are females and 42% are males.   ISFP personality traits We find a lot of joy around this harmonious personality. It’s easy [ keep reading ]

ESFP Personalities: The Entertainer

For all those ESFPs out there: “Here’s lookin’ at you, Kid!” Settle in with your popcorn and learn about the ESFP Personality: The Entertainer! ESFPs are Extroverted- Sensing- Feeling- Perceiving. ESFPs make up 11% of the population. Of this number, 64% are females and 36% are males.   ESFP personality traits You might be an [ keep reading ]

What’s Most Important to Kids in Life?

what's most important to kids, child's hand with iv

Every child is fearlessly and wonderfully made. No human life is repeatable. Children are among God’s greatest blessings. A physician who works for a non-profit organization recently wondered what’s most important to kids in life. He spends every day of his own life providing palliative care to terminally ill children. He decided to interview patients [ keep reading ]

What is Your Love Language?

If you’ve ever had the thought “I wish my partner understood me better,” maybe learning what your “love language” is could help you have a better relationship. The theory behind love languages is that there are five distinct ways of expressing and receiving love from someone, and that each of us prefers one of the [ keep reading ]

Three Days That Taught Me to Appreciate My Wife

One weekend a couple of years ago totally changed my perspective on marriage. In one harrowing experience, my blatant inadequacies as a husband and a father were totally exposed and I was able to see my wife as the superwoman that she truly is. I know our readers appreciate context, so let me tell you [ keep reading ]

Can Renovations Make a Marriage Stronger?

Last summer, my husband and I listened to a book about all the ups and downs of marriage. The author explained in the book that successful marriages almost always involved the couple sharing an activity together. My husband and I felt we had a healthy marriage, but we did not share any sports activities together. [ keep reading ]

What I Wish I’d Known When I was Single

Last August, my husband and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. Before him, there were many, many…MANY dates. They ran the gamut – really great guys, really terrible guys, just okay guys, funny (pretty much always at least a little funny), and varying degrees of commitment. Some of those guys I was on again, off [ keep reading ]

Tips for Non-custodial Parents: Stay Close to Your Kids

tips for non-custodial parents, father and son on hammock

Divorce isn’t easy but it’s definitely common in today’s society. Primary focus is often given to parents who have custody of their children. However, tips for non-custodial parents can be quite helpful. Not having custody doesn’t make one a bad parent. In fact,  most non-custodial parents want to maintain active relationships and close bonds with [ keep reading ]

ESTP Personalities: The Persuader

Everybody make room! Here comes the ESTP Personality: The Persuader! ESTPs are Extroverted- (S) Sensing- Thinking- Perceiving. ESTPs make up 10% of the population. Of this number, 37% are females and 63% are males. ESTP personality traits ESTPs are even more spontaneous than their “I” counterparts! You can’t tell ’em nuthin’: they learn by doing! These life-lovers are active, [ keep reading ]

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