Don’t go to bed angry. Are you nuts?

go to bed angry, angry wife in bed

Probably the worst marital advice I ever got was never to go to bed angry at my spouse. And I’m sure I heard it from more than one person. If I had taken that advice, I would have spent the first 10 years of marriage in a sleep-deprived haze that would likely have meant the [ keep reading ]

Bad or good: Unsolicited advice can get on your nerves

unsolicited advice, girls comforting friend

We’ve all been there. Maybe it was a time when you were talking about some challenge you were facing, or maybe you were trying to quietly deal with a private situation. Then someone comes along and says, “I have some advice for you . . . .” Americans spend over $10 billion a year on [ keep reading ]

Tips for young moms: Don’t stress. It’ll be over soon.

tips for young moms, woman and toddler

This is a love letter to all you young moms out there. This is for the moms who may have been led to this post by Googling phrases such as “tips for young moms” or “help for busy mothers” and the like. I’m not going to tell you how to organize your pantry or how [ keep reading ]

Getting out of this state I’m in

getting out, hand on map

We are in our fifties, my husband and I. From the day we met, we have talked about getting out of this town. We have spent years wondering where our perfect place would be, flipping through atlases and travel books, browsing the internet for our dream spot. He loves big cities. I prefer the shore. [ keep reading ]

Is your sense of smell really that important?

sense of smell, girl smelling flowers

I have no sense of smell. I know, you have a lot of questions. In elementary school, my friends passed around tiny bottles of perfume samples their mothers got from Avon representatives. They critiqued their fragrances. But when I sniffed, holding each bottle closer, I began to suspect there was something different about me. I [ keep reading ]

Through pets, love brings pain and healing

Love brings pain and healing

Life has taught me many lessons over my lifetime. The most deeply embedded one is that love brings pain and healing. There are so many reasons that this powerful emotion can cause so much grief, joy and sadness — sometimes all at once. Earlier this year, I shared our experience about adopting our beloved Simon [ keep reading ]

Judge Not: So much easier to say

Judge not; easier to say

The Bible contains many pearls of wisdom for living a God-centered life. Unfortunately, over time, many of the verses have been twisted to fit our own perspective and purposes. One of the most often-quoted is from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 7, Verses 1 and 2: Judge not least ye be judged. Though there are [ keep reading ]

Halloween is not my favorite, but I get it

Halloween, masked man at window

It is only September. But my daughters have already started decorating for Halloween, baking all things pumpkin-spice and even wearing costumes. Yes, they post photos of themselves going grocery shopping while wearing wolf ears. They dress the kids in skunk and lion costumes when they come to visit. They have carved their pumpkins already. I [ keep reading ]

Seeking God’s presence: He wants you to be all in!

seeing God's presence, woman stirring pot

Life is a journey of ever-changing events. If your ultimate goal is heaven, then you no doubt believe in seeking God’s presence in your daily life. Like the ebb and flow of an ocean tide, you might feel very near or as far away as possible to God as the waters are to the shore. [ keep reading ]

Multilevel Marketing is Ruining Your Friendships

It was 2008 and I had just moved to Atlanta. Like many twenty-somethings I didn’t have a lot of money. I was working two jobs to make ends meet and living with a friend in a low-to-middle-class suburb. So when a coworker told me how much she loved selling Mary Kay, and how it could [ keep reading ]

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