Do Men Need to Ask a Father to Marry His Daughter?

I got engaged on my 30th birthday. My then-boyfriend, now husband, and I discussed getting married before then, so the proposal was a surprise, but not totally out of left field. That discussion only involved the two of us because, as fully grown adults, it directly affected only us. Some of you reading may think [ keep reading ]

You have the right to unfriend whomever you want

unfriend, computer monitor with binoculars

Maybe it’s because I’ve lived over 50 years, or maybe it’s because I’m not Kylie Jenner. But Facebook unfriending is not really a big deal to me. I have known people who completely cut off their real-life relationships with me after I removed them from my Facebook friends list. It’s nothing personal. I may be [ keep reading ]

Bible verses on my grandfather’s knee

bible verses, black bible with brown rosary

My grandfather was a self-appointed Baptist preacher who had little more than a third grade education. Practically illiterate, Papaw derived his theology mostly from Bible verses he had memorized and from the texts of many well-beloved hymns. Unfortunately, this often meant he used Scripture verses out of context and not always in a kind way. [ keep reading ]

Is Christmas hard because you lost someone?

Christmas, lighted tree in ornament

Next week, Thanksgiving 2019 will kickoff a brand new holiday season. As a Christian, it’s a special time of year for me. I’ve always believed that a grateful heart is a joyful heart, and my mother taught me that, if I have God and family, I have everything. Many of us have lost loved ones, [ keep reading ]

Can Men and Women Truly Be Just Friends?

I don’t think anyone can ever have too many friends. You can certainly have different levels of friendship with people, and I would argue that doing so is healthy. For example, I have friends that I know I can turn to in a crisis. They know me on a deeper, personal level and can offer [ keep reading ]

In an apartment, pulling your shades is not enough

apartment, stairs and door with sunshine

We are on the second floor of a three-story walkup, so we have people living above, below and on two sides of us. Apartment living is not a new thing to us, and given the choice between owning a house with all its responsibilities and expenses and paying rent for someone else to handle those [ keep reading ]

How to help toddlers improve brain health

help toddlers, dad reading to toddler

Ample evidence suggests increased screen time has potentially adverse effects on human health. (I’d add that it also has potentially negative effects on human relationships.) Today, we’re focusing on how to help toddlers improve the health of their little, magnificent, wonderful brains. Yes, I’m going to tell you to cut back (if not eliminate) their [ keep reading ]

Letting God choose family size: I don’t regret it

letting God choose family size, family walking

You never know what you’ll wind up talking about as you wait for cross country runners to come out of the woods and sprint toward the finish line. I’ve been attending meets for nearly 10 years now, and the topics of conversation some parents choose catch me off-guard. For instance, I never expected that another [ keep reading ]

Don’t go to bed angry. Are you nuts?

go to bed angry, angry wife in bed

Probably the worst marital advice I ever got was never to go to bed angry at my spouse. And I’m sure I heard it from more than one person. If I had taken that advice, I would have spent the first 10 years of marriage in a sleep-deprived haze that would likely have meant the [ keep reading ]

Bad or good: Unsolicited advice can get on your nerves

unsolicited advice, girls comforting friend

We’ve all been there. Maybe it was a time when you were talking about some challenge you were facing, or maybe you were trying to quietly deal with a private situation. Then someone comes along and says, “I have some advice for you . . . .” Americans spend over $10 billion a year on [ keep reading ]

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